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Would you take 10.5 ppg and 6.5 rpg from Shaq?

That's the question our buddy Chris Forsberg is asking right now on ESPN Boston

Would you, right now, sign up for Shaq giving the Celtics 10.5 and 6.5 for this upcoming season… because that's the over/under oddsmakers are setting right now. 

I say sign me up.  10.5 and 6.5?  That works for me.  Honestly… what more will anyone get out of 38 year old center.  Forget that his name is Shaquille O'Neal.  Look at who he is now, and I say anything near 11 and 7 makes Danny Ainge Executive of the Year.

By the way, Perk gave the C's 10.1 and 7.6 last season.  So Shaq essentially matching that would be a coup.  I'll take it.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Those numbers off the bench? Sign me up too. Plus 6 hard fouls for Howard/Bynum/Gasoft and KoMe/LeBron/Wade if they want to come in there, couple blocks, and a big body in there to seal out a defender or two. It’s a great pickup, I like it more than Jermaine, just hope they can get something for Sheed by the trade deadline.

  • greenbeand

    anybody have espn insider.. was wondering about their future nba power rankings: http://es.pn/9zxdKI

  • LakeShow

    Pick-N-Roll Pick-N-Roll Pick-N-Roll. At least for the first half of the season

  • For bench mins? Hell yes. And like bleed green says, don’t forget the o/u on 5 fouls on top-tier bigs.

  • Zauer

    I only hope they will start Shaq. He fits starting five better on both ends. KG will be rescueing his fat ass on deffence all the time and he will be just a finisher on the other side. Thats what starting five needs, finisher who dunks when gets ball near the basket without taking it under his knees (right Perk?). And Jermaine will create offense from the bench, BB can make him little space since he has solid jump shot. I’m sure he can score on most of backup centers.
    As for post about backup wing and our ability to defend LeBrick in case Daniels is injured and PP is in foul trouble. Remember guys that when PP got quick fouls in this year series with Cavs they just switched Ray on him and he defended well. LeBrick doesn’t have post game to exploit this kind of matchup favouring him so it’s not gonna be a problem IMO.

  • aaron

    thats the whole point. all perkins EVER has provided us is defense… why i suggested trading guy last year before season started when he peaked…

  • Mike amentola

    Hell yes! off the bench in say 20 minutes? Also a good defensive effort and clogging up holes? I like the shaq signing more than anyone.

  • nick

    Shaqs #’s are irrelevant 2 me I only ask 1 thing of him…when we face pussies like Gasol, Bosh, Bynum and Howard…but Gasol and Bosh especially, put that big ass in their chests…throw bows like Ludacris and make these motherfuckers fear the green. we now are the most talented, biggest and toughest team in the league…i want to embarass everyone.

  • WTF

    Danny Ainge Executive of the Year. Sorry to say but it’s basically a lock for Pat Riley unless a team through massive trade lands a big 3 of their own.

  • Josh

    celtics are ranked 13
    miami 1
    LA 2
    OKC 3
    Bulls 4
    houston 5
    FYI you get 1 year free insider with subscription to espn magazine. http://www.slickdeals.net has deals on espn magazine periodically. got my magazine subscription for $5

  • aaron

    anyone have any theories on who the C’s will use sheeds contract to get?

  • greenbeand

    JR Smith would bring this team to the promise land.. DO IT DANNY!!

  • greenbeand

    josh, tks for the heads up
    LA- reigning champs always get the benefit
    Bos- lets not forget the runner up
    MIA- duh
    Portland- they’re young and fast
    Dallas or Denver- both got deeper

  • So are we gonna get Shel and T.A. out of the banner (top of page) and Shaq on it soon…?

  • lainok

    So Rick Fox and Shaq both won a ring with the Lakers together, and played for the Celtics. Is that the only precedent of that scenario, whether it was a laker chip or celtic chip?

  • Joseph

    Shaq, HAHAHA. Gets eaten up on the pick and roll. The Suckdics strength was defense. With Thibadeau gone and now slow Shaq in the picture, the defense take a huge shot. i love it!!! HAHAHA

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Defense takes a huge shot? Shaq will play limited minutes, and most likely as good a defensive effort as we got from Rasheed Wallace last year.
    This signing was a no brainer and Shaq should work well in the system we run. He’s a good rebounder and outlet passer which is all we really need him to do, and finish around the rim because Rondo and KG will be getting him EASY finishes around the rim.
    Also he will be seeing minimal double teams AND the MOST underrated aspect of his game: His ability to get opposing players into foul trouble. He may not shoot well at the line but he gets fouled a whole lot still down low where no one has the size/strength to guard him. This is the crucial point. Bynum/Gasol will be hacking him, DHoward as well, Bosh/Ilgauskas/Joel Anthony. I see SO many positives to this signing I’m stoked

  • aaron

    statistically last year he outplayed bosh per minute, i.e. head to head on 1/29/10
    Bosh 41:57 min 21 pts 10 reb 3 assts (also 3 TO)
    Shaq 23:51 min 16 pts 5 reb 2 assts
    Bosh is probably the most over-rated big in the league. He is BEYOND soft.
    I live in Miami . These morons think they won the title before the season has started.
    We are SO deep, our second unit would make the playoffs.
    We just need to sign a decent wing, i am ALL for Howard

  • Robby C

    That’s a good point. Our second unit probably would make the playoffs on its own.

  • Fist

    I’d rather see 8 points, 8 rebounds.

  • Tobias S.

    30 points, 17 rebounds, 3 blocked shots, and 8 assists.
    That is what Kareem Abdul Jabbar did to the Boston Celtics at the Boston Garden in the 2nd game of the 1985 finals. He was 38.
    You might be happy with 10.5 ppg and 6.5 rpg from Shaq. but some others at his age did much better.
    Btw his series numbers were 35.5mins. 25.7pts. 9.0trb. 5.2assist. 1.0stl. 1.5blk. in 35.5 mpg.