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Fun facts after the Shaq signing

So Shaquille O'Neal is a Celtic.  38 year old Shaquille O'Neal will be wearing the ol' Green and White this year. 

It got me to thinking.  With Shaq now on the roster, there have to be some quirky little factoids out there that we can find.  And there are:

  • Shaquille O'Neal and his new coach Doc Rivers spent 4 years in the league together.

Shaq entered the league in the 1992-93 season.  At that point, Doc was running point for the Knicks.  In their first matchup against each other, Doc dropped 15 points and 11 assists in a 92-77 win.  Shaq had 18 points and 17 rebounds… and shot 4 of 11 from the line.

  • Shaq and his new GM Danny Ainge spent 3 years in the league together.

Phoenix beat Orlando 108-107 in the first Ainge-Shaq matchup.  Danny came off the bench to score 16 points.  Shaq had 26 and 17… and shot 6 of 10 from the line.

  • With Shaq, the Celtics now have 5 players that have played together in 4 different All Star Games

The earliest was in 2002, when Ray Allen (Bucks), Jermaine O'Neal (Pacers) and Paul Pierce were reserves for the East while KG and Shaq (Lakers) started in the West.

Ray didn't make it in '03.  They were all together again in '04 except at that point Ray was with Seattle.  In '05 and '06, Shaq was with Miami.

As an added bonus:  If you want to add Rasheed Wallace because he's still technically on the roster… in 2006, there were 6 current Celtics in the same All Star game. 

  • Rajon Rondo was 6 years old during Shaq's rookie season.  Kendrick Perkins was 8.

And now he's going to get passes from one and back up the other (eventually).

As an added bonus:  Avery Bradley was 2 years old during Shaq's rookie season

And finally (at least for this post)..

  • Even with Shaquille O'Neal on the roster, the Celtics are NOT the oldest team in the league:

Oldest team

The Lakers are.  Thanks to my main man (Ahmad Rashad voice)  MrTrpleDouble10 for that one.  Miami is a close second… and even they have more players over 30 on their roster.

So there you have it.  I'm sure we'll find more as time marches on. 

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  • That age graph is fantastic. It may alter when you compare ‘starters’, esp without Perk but it’s still excellent ammo.

  • CFH

    So how come I never here anyone talking about how the Lakers are too old to win anything? Never mind, I think I can figure this one out…
    I remember Shaq’s first visit to Danny’s Suns. He destroyed the basket… he didn’t just mess up the backboard, he moved the entire support and they had to stop the game to drag out an entire new one. (At the time, I really liked both the Suns and Shaq.)

  • Um I was bored so I checked this out… I don’t know what numbers that guy was looking at but he’s wrong. The average age of the players on the Lakers roster is 29.58. And if you swap a player or two for one of the rookies (which is likely), then that number will go down even more.
    CFH, you never hear anything about the Lakers being too old to win because #1 Repeat champs are obviously not too old to win and #2 the Lakers were not the “oldest” team until this off-season. Smartie. And that’s only because that graphic is counting newbies Matt Barnes & Steve Blake (who both just turned 30 this year) as old guys. They’re also counting Artest, Gasol & Lamar (30, 30 & 31) as old guys. Theo Ratliff– now he is an old outlier that shifts the average way up lol.
    Just for fun, let’s look at our starters because the Celtics do have more mileage there.
    Lakers’ starters: Average age = 29.6, Average years in the league: 10.6
    Celtics’ starters: Average age: 31.2, Average years in the league: 11.6
    The Celtics will lose more players to retirement in the near future and unfortunately, that includes the Big 3. I can’t wait because I’m so sick of those guys! You better hope Rondo is enough to keep you relevant for the next decade 🙂
    Shaq……………. LOL

  • CFH

    And yet, throughout 2008– they year the Celtics won– ESPN constantly beat the too old drum. And in 2009– the year they were defending champs– ESPN constantly beat the too old drum.
    So that “defending champs” excuse obviously only works for the Lakers.
    Additionally, who would being the very oldest necessarily mean a too-old label rather than “among the oldest?”
    Again, I know the answer…

  • I didn’t say defending champs. I said repeat champs. Big difference. The Lakers won back-to-back and nobody in their right mind doubts that they’ll be back in the finals this year for the 4th time in a row. The Celtics had the chance to repeat in 09 but their age (KG’s knees) caught up with them. KG and the rest of the big 3 are beyond their prime, and that’s what people mean by “too old.” It is more about the decline in production than chronological age.
    As I said before, the Lakers are the oldest team in the league if you count new guys like Theo Ratliff who will probably average less than 1 minute a game. Our starters haven’t changed, and our backbone (Kobe & the 7footers) still have years of quality basketball ahead of them. Your backbone = questionable. You should drop them all and start building around Rondo.
    Here on the best coast, we’re old, but we’re not “too old.” Why? Because we’re still too good.

  • Good”old” Lakers

    …..good enough to almost lose to those old celtic geezers and get outplayed on your homecourt with homecourt advantage in the finals. Perk wasn’t even there and they still almost get beat? Hahahaa!!!
    Yeah, the lakers aren’t getting any younger either. You need to learn to follow your own moniker buddy. LOL!!

  • Shut yo Face

    Isnt it funny how when we bring up bynum, who didnt play in 2008, you guys complain about how he wouldnt have made a difference? But when you bring up Perk, you often forget about Bynum in 2008?
    Also just because you almost won doesnt mean you guys got the ring. I rather take winning then taking anything that is “almost” winning.



  • Keepitreallakerloser

    In 2008 the Lakers didn’t even come close to beating the Celts when they had homecourt and bynum was and still is really nothing. He wouldn’t have change that outcome and you know it so please don’t make yourself sound ignorant to B-ball.
    The Celts had your Lakers beat AT FULL strength without Perk in a very dominant and close game. Lakers won but all you little weasel Laker fans know what is really going on but don’t want to accept it.
    In 2009 Celts were a lock to win it again and KG went down. BYNUM IS NOT ANYTHING CLOSE TO KG and not NEARLY as good as a defender than Perkins. He is an un athletic D howard with no hops who just rebounds and dunks but that is it.
    Also, last year you Laker fools like to use the “celts are old” crap and now that the Lakers are even older you want to twist it so you feel better. Lakers are OLD….face it. How much you want to bet one of your key players gets hurt this year? (Bynum IS NOT A KEY PLAYER)
    ….cause that is the only reason the Celts didn’t beat the Lakers A$$ in 2009. Carma is coming and the Celts will get their “default title” this year like the Lakers got in 09′. LOL!!!!!

  • BigShamrock

    That is why we call it an “average” retard. LOL!!!
    9 players over 30 or older with all those miles? You are in denial.
    ….or 6 players 30 or over with the miles? …..and young athletic allstar point gaurd with younger guys around them to keep buliding.
    Looks like the lakers are going to be the ones doing nothing the next decade. Old geezers…..hahahaahaaa!!!

  • Joey

    Bynum is actually the Lakers 3rd best player. I’m not saying he is better than KG, but he is definitely better than Perkins. Rondo and Bynum are too different to really compare, but based on stats and injury history, Rondo is a little better, though I would rather start a franchise with a healthy Bynum. Only because Bynum is the only young true center in the NBA and there are a lot of pass-first point guards who can get to the basket, even though only D Will and CP3 are better than Rondo.

  • Joey

    I did the math, and the Lakers roster of Bryant, Gasol, Bynum, Fisher, Odom, Artest, Ratliff, Barnes, Brown, Blake, Ebanks, Caracter, Vujacic, and Walton’s (who shouldn’t be considered because he might miss the season) average age is 28.4 right now and will be 28.7 the day after Opening Night. They probably didn’t include Ebanks, Caracter, and possibly Brown in that picture in the article. And anyway, I’d rather be old like the Lakers/Celtics than young like the Nets/Timberwolves.

  • Trueballin

    Bynum has NEVER been healthy and is NOT better than Rondo as far as contribution.
    Bynum has never been and will never be an allstar. Even without injuries he is just a slow d howard with no skill and hops who just stands there for dunks and put backs.
    That is it. Not a skilled big man. Perk is as good only because he is a way better defender than Bynum. He is even slower than Bynum though but his defense makes up for that. Bynum can t defend without fouling and is lazy when you look at his game since he’s been in the league. Injuries will continue with him.