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The NBA is better at photoshopping than I am

Shaq c's

Plus they got his number right. 

Not sure when the news conference will be… but that's a must-watch.

Also… we apologize for the formatting issues today.  They're fixed now.

Photo via Chris Forsberg on Twitter

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  • fiorelladad

    How do you know it is Photoshop? Shaq and Perk are on the floor at the same time.

  • rondo-is-love

    I don’t think that person is actually affiliated with the NBA.. he/she always make photos for athletes to use as their Twitter background. This Shaq picture is pretty damn good.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Shaq has always been a great team-mate and fun guy. I think he’ll buy into Doc’s paln and be a total assett, especially in the post-season. I love Shaq with the 2nd unit because he’s such a good passer.
    Semi Erden couldnt be in a better position to learn from big guys with different skills. Gaffney & Lafayette are gonna be playing somewhere else soon.
    If they get Rudy, I’d say DA had a fantastic offseason, especially considering he had nothing to work with.
    Rudy for next years 1st rounder? Great deal for both teams. Hang onto sheed’s contract until the trade deadline. Who knows, maybe Sheed comes back then and is the next PJ Brown. Otherwise it’s a nice trade chip for a team already tanked.

  • I was right about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    I hate to say it because I know its a jinx, but I like the shaq addition. I think the second unit is going to be a fun bunch — Nate, Baby and Shaq chuckling it up. The celts were so painful to watch during those 3rd and 4th quarter letdowns when the offense would die out and it was impossible to get a rebound. I like added length both from an easy-bucket and rebounding standpoint. I actually hope sheed comes back too from a team attitude standpoint — might as well go super old and salty!!!

  • I was right about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    If DA gets Rudy, the man is a miracle worker. That would be unbelievable. I don’t understand how Rudy could even be available. Seems like craziness to me.

  • KY Celts fan

    I can’t wait for the new banner! A lot of new faces to see up there.

  • WTF

    Are you guys serious? Shaq coming off the bench LMFAO. Shaq will be a starter and will play from 28-35 minutes a games. LMFAO you guys are delusional. Shaq’s ego won’t allow him to come off the bench.

  • CFH

    Um, it’s already been reported that he agreed.
    If he goes back on it and causes a problem, the Celtics buy out his teeny-tiny contract or tell him to stay home.

  • Finn

    I never thought I’d say this but…Come on back Sheed. It’s gonna be a fun season, and having Sheed, Shaq, and Jermaine would be too damm great to watch. I don’t care if they say the Celts old, the more I look at our roster the more I’m liking it…Just no Larry Hughes

  • Luke Walton

    We shall hear more about how/who was divided on the signing.
    shaq for vets min–I still say this is a no brainer, kiddies.

  • I will put your Scallie, any of your Zieke stuff, Clucth D west, wally’s world and the window cleaner. vs. the NBA any photo shop guys any day. Do you have a link to your all your old photo shops I would like to do a top 10 of all time?