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Mannix: Shaq to C’s “not unanimous”

Shaq C's jersey “And for the Celtics, I can tell you this much, it was not a unanimous
decision. This is not something that the entire front office and
coaching staff entirely agreed upon. But it is a Danny Ainge type of move. He’s taken risks like this in the past, whether it’s Gary Payton or Stephon Marbury or Nate Robinson
this past year. He’s taken chances on guys he thinks can help put them
over the top. Danny obviously is convinced that Shaq is what this team
needs right now.”

WEEI:  Mannix on D&C

Chief among the C's concerns, as Mannix puts it, is that Shaq is "the worst pick-and-roll defender of all time." and the entire C's defense is predicated on defending the pick and roll. 

Also, he's not one to exactly space the floor on offense, which means Rondo could have some issues running into Shaq and his man.

Those are valid points… but they don't take into account one thing:  Shaq's a bench player now.  Shaq's a limited minutes kinda guy.  Yes, the Celtics are going to have to redesign a couple of things because it's hard to ask a 38 year old, 350 pound behemoth to play the C's style of swarming D.  That's just not gonna happen. 

So the coaches have a challenge when Shaq's on the floor.  But they're smart guys… let's see how they figure things out.

Hey Lawrence Frank… welcome to Boston.  Have fun redesigning what has worked for 3 years to accommodate an aging, enigmatic giant. 

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  • Luke Walton

    Good angle to take, RA.
    Does the second unit have to play exactly like the first?
    This will be fun.
    Everyone admit it.
    I mean, we sucked last year until the playoffs.
    Can it be any worse than that?

  • Luke Walton
  • Luke Walton

    Who on that Heat squad is going to stop Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O’Neal, or even Jermaine O’Neal inside?
    Eddie House?

  • Luke Walton

    Does sheed return now?

  • Luke Walton

    Shaq for the vet’s min.
    Come on, people.
    No brainer of all time.

  • Luke Walton

    we got both oneals for a combined $6.7m thats a heck of a steal. both are still capable players on both ends of the floor and both made over $20m last season. i think danny did a hell of a job

  • Luke Walton

    Well, I guess I’ll keep talking to myself.
    I’m a little pissed off at #9. Our best player, one of our youngest players.
    And the dude again ran out of gas in the playoffs?
    I look at this guy with magic j type of potential.
    Magic didn’t run out of gas.

  • Robby C

    I agree, DA did a hell of a job this offseason getting these two O’Neals for the price he did. I’m impressed. My only worry is that Shaq doesn’t think he needs to try too hard because he’s not getting paid that much and becomes a distraction.

  • michael

    Money was a pride thing which he hopefully can get over. With his ego that’s asking for a minor miracle, but works to our advantage either way when facing ATL. For reasons I don’t have the expertise to explain, I think this is a much better situation for him than Phx or Cleve.
    I love the starting lineup of Rondo, Ray, PP, KG, and Shaq/JO. Lots to play around with offensively, and then add Nate and Baby off the bench. Also very excited to see what Luke, Avery, and Von are going to bring. If Sheed does happen to come back late in the year, we may even have the luxury of keeping Perk out entirely to ensure a full recovery and play it safe for the next 5 years.
    Yes, congrats to DA. Plenty of time to sort out what to do with Sheed’s contract. That plus draft pick or maybe Avery will be our best trade deadline chips.

  • I approve this message. Excellent pickup. Oneal will clog the middle and rebound. We could actually play both Oneals together in stretches to rest Garnett. The possibilities are endless. Bring Perk back for the last month of the regular season.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Exactly…..let’s not forget, Jermaine is a power-forward. He only played center in Miami cause they didnt have anyone else. All his good years were at the 4.
    Shaq kept his mouth shut and did what was asked of hin in Cleveland, there’s no reason to expect trouble from him. Vets love playing for Doc, this will be a good move, especially in the playoffs.