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Report: C’s close to signing Shaq

 A. Sherrod Blakely tweets

Celtics appear to be close to signing Shaquille O'Neal. Will have the story up shortly.

More details as they emerge


CBS' Ken Berger reports:

Shaquille O'Neal is about to take his talents to South Bay — Boston,
that is. The 38-year-old, 15-time All-Star is close to agreeing to a
deal with the Celtics, a person with knowledge of the agreement confirmed to

Shaq, soon to be known as the Big Shamrock — or, fill in your favorite
nickname — is on the verge of accepting the veteran's minimum starting
at about $1.4 million, the person with knowledge of the deal said. The
number of years was still being worked out Tuesday, but Comcast
SportsNet-New England — which first reported the Shaq-to-Celtics news
— said O'Neal is seeking a two-year deal. In all likelihood, the second
year would be a player's option.

2 years at the minimum is fine with me.  I've said it a million times… a minimum wage deal is no risk.  If it doesn't work out, you buy him out and say "thanks for the memories."  Come playoff time, he'll be a 2nd or 3rd big off the bench… which is a nice option to have at that point, even at his age.

As for the critics who say he'll kill this locker room…. have you SEEN the guys in this locker room?  Who's going to come in and be a stronger personality than them?

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  • D

    Do this Danny, we need some bigs! Sign Rudy too and let’s make a run at this!

  • Oh my word!!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Please be for the vet minimum. Anyway we can Roger Mason Jr for Sheeds contract in a sign and trade?

  • LakeShow


  • MrFixit

    I think its a perfect fit for Shaq. I believe he would mesh with the team very easily.

  • r

    We got the O’Neal market on lock!

  • Bring it. Would be a great signing. Perk, Jermaine/Shaquille O’Neal as your centers? Sheeeeeet. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

  • nick

    Shaq is a gracious humble champion with a heart of gold… for him to join a core of a bunc h of guys like himself who don’t give a shit about anything besides winning is just awesome. We have way more star-power and cohesivness than L.A, Miami, or anybody else out there who thinks they can win it all. I have preferred Kwame Brown to Shaq but that was b4 i saw how much shaq has changed his personality and just wants to go out with glory. Go C’s Go Shaq….I just have 1 question for Gasol, Bosh and Bynum…..WATCHA GONA DO BROTHER WHEN THE O NEALS K.G BABY AND PERK RUN WILD ON YOU?

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ohhohoho…..get the ball down low!

  • Finn

    They’re sayin Shaq will get 1.4 mill vet minimum. Considering we paid basically the same amount for Shelden Williams last year, that’s a great pickup for the money.

  • Zauer

    Aldridge in his column says that altough Perk is scheduled to be back after all star game, Celtics organization “aren’t optimistic that he’ll be able to contribute much”. This is the only sad news that came with Shaq signing.

  • Leo

    Congrats to you guys if you get him. Would be an excellent signing.

  • rrr

    oh you mean the old shaq? the injury prone jo? the weak knees of kg? and the recovering perk?

  • Luke Walton

    No brainer.
    Does this make us a contender?
    We already were a contender.
    Does this put us over the top?
    Unlikely, but who the hell knows.

  • Luke Walton

    Sheed’s contract for a star 2-3.
    That would put us over or almost over the top.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Another big body yo throw at Howard and Bynum. Good signing at the right price.
    Now get Rudy!

  • Lee in Oregon

    ps- Thank God it wasnt Kwane!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Those opening night seats are getting more valueable by the minute!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Rudy, George Mason, JR Smith? If DA grabs one of those guys, we’ve had an excellent off-season.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    GIDDY UP!!!

  • KG

    i hope he gets his free throws through the net though

  • thebleeptruth

    Not all that thrilled. Shaq would help a lot, but with Perk’s return he should openly accept a bench role. We still need to sign Rudy Fernandez. Somehow though I wish we could add another shooter. We need one.

  • Kazaam!

  • Joseph

    HAHAHAHA!! SHAQ!??? Just to prepare you Boston fans, get ready to say and hear the following:
    “Shaq!! Make your f’n free throws”
    “If Shaq would’ve made his free throws, we would’ve won that game”
    “Shaq is terrible on the pick and roll”
    “Why is Shaq so slow on the pick and roll”
    “Shaq, jump after the f’n rebound”
    “I need more touches” – Shaq
    “Rondo needs to get me more touches” – Shaq
    “I’m the most powerful big man in the game. The most powerful big man needs more touches” – Shaq
    “Everything is fine in the locker room. I just need more touches” – Shaq
    “I should be the starter. I still can average 20 and 10” – Shaq

  • JD

    Goddamn, 6- 7 years ago this team would have been unstoppable. They’re still pretty damn good anyway.

  • Jon with no H

    Shut up, as a Laker fan you have no more insight into Shaq than any other NBA fan past 2004. Don’t act like you suffered through his declining years, he was your team and Kobe was his sidekick. It took 7 years for Kobe to finally win without him and only after a gift from Memphis. The starting center for the team with the best record in the league last year is possibly going to sign with us for the vet minimum. Thank you.

  • FEARLA2011

    Celtics DEFINE the term-washed up. You know you are when you’re main core is rondo and a bunch of washed up guys.
    And good job shaq, you just screwed your legacy. Thanks for helping us 3 peat early last decade, but now you can rot in boston, with your washed up buddies.

  • FEARLA2011

    You can forget about hanging number “34” at staples now that you’ve joined this evil, filthy franchise!

  • This will easily be the most-watched NBA Opening Night ever. The ticket-sellers/scalpers are DROOLING also. And just think-imagine the sub-plot if Delonte comes back to Boston and faces up w/Lebron? After all the Delonte/Lebron's Mom talk? Oh what a night….

  • 24/8

    Hhaahaaha,are you high? Bynum and Gasol can outplay him now. K.G. is more of a threat. Sure, Shaq’s larger but he’s slow. Shaq doesn’t care about winning, he cares about Shaq. He’ll be fine so long as everything is going his way. Once he looks bad on the court or he gets a minor injury or his numbers aren’t what everyone expects, look out, he’ll be a fat, slow Gary Payton.
    Remember what Shaq said when he joined the Lakers all those years ago? He said he wanted to retire as a Laker, he wanted to be remembered as the greatest Laker center of all time. If that had been true he would have never demanded a trade over money, he would have never questioned Jackson’s offensive scheme that didn’t get him enough touches, he would have fucking showed up in shape like the team begged him to do. He wouldn’t have wasted time on shitty movies and crap rap albums. The Dream owned him and he never recovered from that.
    So what happens? He leaves for Miami. Gets a ring with Wade and then? Abandons them as soon as it looks like the Heat are done because Wade is injured. He goes to Phoenix expecting rings. They don’t win and he leaves again. Goes to Cleveland hoping LeCon can buy him a ring, nothing happens, he leaves again. If he had an ounce of self-respect he’d stay in Cleveland and prove he’s as good as he thinks he is, he would get the Cavs to the Finals on his back and prove he’s better than LeCon ever was. Good luck with that!

  • D-Will

    Hahahahaa!! Those washed up Celtics just about beat your Lakers AT HOME IN GAME 7. ………if not for perk going down in game 6? You have to be honest with yourself and know that it could have EASILY turn out different being so close and how the Celtics owned the Lakers all game and ran out of Bigs at the end. ….and the Lakers had homecourt? LOL!!!
    Now they got them. Great pickup.

  • Champ

    Huh, what’s that? Nope can’t hear you and I’m having trouble seeing what you wrote.
    Still partying with that championship champagne over here and I must have got some in my eyes and ears.
    It’s real cute how close you guys were!
    That must suck for you.

  • It’s a helluva BENCH player. So to all the negative peeps, especially laker trolls, keep it in perspective. It’s on par with Nate Robinson signing, and that worked fine. Or as RedsArmy puts it, when Stephon didn’t make it, it’s a min wage signing.. no harm no foul.
    Big Ticket, Ticket Stub, Big Shamrock… I like it.