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Dwyane Wade: “Opposing Teams Can Thank Us Now”

When the Boston Globe reported that the NBA will open its 2010-2011 season by having the Miami Heat play the Celtics at TD Garden, the commentary commenced.  And the trash talking continued.  While Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Doc Rivers have all made their statements about the "Super Friends" in one form or another, it appears that Miami is not backing down.

In today's Miami Herald, Michael Wallace has some interesting quotes from LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.  Sure, they're not exactly directed towards the Celtics, but you can read between the lines here.  The absurdity continues this time with Wade.  When Wade was asked about other teams talking smack, he had this to say:

“I understand people are going to say stuff. And we accept it with open arms,'' Wade said. “And even on the road, because every place is going to sell out when we come to town. So [opposing teams] can thank us now.''

Sure thing Dwyane, the rest of the NBA fandom will gladly thank you and your henchmen for providing us with a team that we can all loathe and opening root against, almost as hard as we root for our own teams to win.

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  • Section328

    They act like they are “saving” the NBA. If it does end up being Opening Night, I’ll make a fortune on my extra tickets, I know that much. Eddie House will be a non-factor and I bet Jermaine O’Neal has a good game.
    I can’t believe how much I am looking forward to watching NBA TV tonight at 7!

  • DJ HOF

    want to know how you guys feel: who is easier to hate right now Kobe’s Lakers or the Superfriends in SouthBeach?
    I know I hate both. your thoughts

  • Superfriends, Lakers are champs and respectable, miami deserves no respect right now.

  • Section328

    I hate the Heat more. Lakers and Celtics are like the two older dudes on the playground that never got along, and never will, but there is a sense of respect that pops up whenever some douchy hotshot runs their mouth…I feel like the Celtics and Lakers roll their eyes, smirk at each other, then quietly aim to destroy the douchy hotshot knowing that they want to face each other when its all said and done.
    Springfield, DJ HOF, next week, baby!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Lakers, ALWAYS!!

  • Yeah, Lakers always – but – Dwayne LeBosh makes me feel sick to my stomach. Not as a rival, as a bunch of annoying pricks.

  • greenbeand

    we’ll see how he likes driving the lane with Shaq in the middle.. CSNE is reporting he and Danny are working on the numbers

  • hurdler

    Actually, the casual fan would pay to see wade and then pay again to see lebron a couple weeks later, maybe even bosh. Now they cant sell tickets for the cavs because nobody wants to see varejao pay. And the heat fired their entire sales staff because they’ve sold out.
    I still hate the rapers more.

  • Jon with no H

    I agree that it’s actually worse for opponent’s profits because now people can see Wade and Lebron at the same time instead of going to twice as many games. Although I’m not sure how much pull Wade and a crap Heat team had on opponent’s revenues in the first place. I’m sure Cleveland brought in a sell out every night last year. And no one anywhere paid to specifically see Bosh. It’s just an arrogant, misinformed statement. The Celtics, Spurs, Magic, Nuggets, Mavs, Lakers, etc. are probably going to sell out opponent’s arenas too. That statement is just more evidence that Wade is actually a douchebag, not someone we should admire.

  • AMP

    In the spirit of community, it would be nice if you sold some “extra” tickets to your friends here on Red’s Army.

  • As for the economics, my gut is that it will help. Maybe LeBron sold out visiting arenas, but I doubt the Heat did, aside from the Shaq/title year and a die-hard hoops fan. So take whatever increase LeBron/Cavs created and bump it up a bit, because now fans will see LeBron AND AND.
    The smack talk? I actually like it. Smack talk is a two way street. It would be GREAT if the Heat started talking a bunch of bs for material, make the bulls-eye bigger.


    Eat your heart out all you losers. If the “SUPERFRIENDS” signed with your team you would love it! SoreLosers at that. It was ok when Boston did the same thing signing Allen and Garnett. It was ok when LA stole Gasol. Get a life you losers. Long live the New Kids on the block. Oh by the way, THE HEAT also have the sexiest Cheerleaders in the NBA.

  • Let Him be pour His blessing on you so that you can walk in victory all the days of your life