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Your Morning Dump… Where Shaq’s name won’t stop popping up


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The Hawks reportedly have cooled to the idea of adding C Shaquille O’Neal, because, for now, his asking price is too high.

If he were to end up in Atlanta, he’d be in the same division as Magic C
Dwight Howard, which would make it Superman vs. Superman four times a
year during the regular season.

When asked whether O’Neal would be a good fit for the Hawks, Howard told
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I don’t know. I like their lineup
now. I know a lot of people get mad and say they’re not big on the
inside, but they’re a big team. They’ve got big guards. They’ve got big
forwards. They’ve got a flying forward (Josh Smith). So it doesn’t
really matter about having a seven-footer.”

The Sporting News

The Diesel has been linked with Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Miami and
San Antonio, but has no contract. O’Neal is trying to extract two years
and roughly $10 million, which can only be achieved if Cleveland helps
Shaq in a sign and trade, which isn’t likely.

“The biggest thing that will define my legacy is how I’ve done it,
and what I’ve done, and who I am,’’ O’Neal said as he awaits a suitor
willing to match his demands. “I’m a weird big guy. Doing rapping, doing
movies. Do a lot of stuff.

“But always do things the right way. Changed three different
franchises around (Orlando, L.A. Lakers and Miami). This is a guy who
they (league officials) would have secret meetings about to change the
rules. So, that’s going to be my legacy: The most dominant player ever.”

Toronto Sun (via SLAM)

I don't know what to say that hasn't been said already.  If he wants this much money, then he can keep on walking.  If he's willing to take less, then we're in business.

SLAM also laid out some decent pros and cons for signing Shaq… and the end analysis is the same thing. 

So, really, it’s a matter of
Shaq’s willingness to play for a smaller check. If that’s not the case,
than the teams in question can largely do without him.

Shaq still has some what to offer—for the right
price. He can function best on a Playoff bound team with a strong half
court offense much like the aforementioned squads. NBA front offices
just have to quell their expectations if they’re looking to pull the


On Page 2:  The new Dance team has been chosen

2010 dancers 2

2010 dancers 5

2010 dancers 4 

If Brian Scalabrine doesn't return… and you sit there and say "it's a shame Scal had no impact on this team at all…"  just remember that you're wrong.  Scal was one of the judges for the C's dancers.

So there.

Many more pictures where these came from:  The Globe's dancer finals photo gallery

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  • Lee in Oregon

    I was hoping the FAT MAN would fill the shoes of Sheldon Williams.
    Whether he comes to Boston or not, the FAT MAN needs to stop pushing this “most dominant player ever bullshit”. 3 years isn’t forever, FAT MAN! The most dominant player ever wore #6 and has more rings than fingers. Now get your fat-ass on board at the vet minny and keep your mouth shut.
    I could totally see him helping in the conf. finals against Howard and then against Bynum in the finals, but now he’s acting like this years version of AI.

  • JD

    The reason I don’t like Shaq is that we already have two centers who I (and I think most people) think are better. What is going to happen when Perk comes back after the All Star break, JO moves to backup center and Shaq is left with Shelden William’s role but keeps his Shaq-sized ego? Its not going to sit well with him at all, as he will be playing sparingly, if at all in most games.
    In terms of the team, he’d be great insurance if Perk’s knee injury remains a problem, but once again, Shaq would come here to contribute, not be knee insurance.