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Aldridge: Fernandez Still Likely To Be Dealt To Celtics, Bulls

In his weekly column, "The Morning Tip," David Aldridge makes a brief statement about Rudy Fernandez, saying that he still expects him to be dealt to the Celtics or Bulls.  There is a section where he gives his final rankings of the season (including off-season, where the Celtics finished second again to the Lakers) and there is this quick blurb regarding the Portland TrailBlazers:

11) Portland: Blazers stlll likely to deal Rudy Fernandez to either Celtics or Bulls.

That's it.  There's no further assessment, timetable or predictions of players/draft picks/cash involved.  With the acquisition of Von Wafer, the Celtics would still be wise to trade for Fernandez.  Stay tuned.

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  • heat suck

    i would love it if we still went and got fernandez….he seems so flexible at what positions he can play. the one, two or three. lets get him! he is cheap also

  • JD

    NateRob, Rudy, Von Wafer, Big Baby, JO as a bench once Perk comes back? Hell yes. Plus, Marquis is there in case either of the wings don’t work out.

  • Zauer

    I’m not fan of this move since we have Wafer. Too much guards will cause problems in our locker room. We have backup PG in Nate, backup SG in Wafer and backup SF in Daniels + combo guard in Bradley. Luke is coming also and he’s SF. So we don’t need another wing, it would be a waste, we need another big. But i’m not sure is Shaq good for us. When Perk is back there could be a problem with too much bigs too. Shaq is not Shelden Williams, he wants to play big minutes and so is Big Baby and JO.

  • sounds like we are going to trade a new acquisition plus a first round pick

  • KG

    Any news on the Shaq-celtic teamup?

  • KY Celts fan

    Luke played PF and C in college. He’s not mobile enough to play SF.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Von can’t carry Rudy’s bag into the gym, there’s no comparison. Rudy can play either guard spot better than Nate, much less Von Wafer. This would be a fantasic pick-up…definitely worth a first rounder…especially where they’ll be picking. DO IT DA!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Did you watch the Summer League? The dude can burn rubber. He absolutely can play SF. How well? We’ll see.

  • Zauer

    I’m ok with it if we trade one of guards for him, but not when we’re keepeing everybody. Not sure if Rudy is so much better then Von, Rudy can only hit threes and finish alley oops, otherwards plays off ball only. I’d prefer guy who will create some offense from the bench = Wafer

  • dsnuts

    big picture here is youth! rudy is good and only getting better the celtics are old and need to bring in new blood to build on. good move on bostons side. rudys fast good with the ball and his shots solid. bulls n celtic be dumb not to do it! and thats from a blazer fan! the lakers will fall apart this year! portland will rise as will the okc and clippers! the heat will get to finals only to fall to portland in 7!