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Your Morning Dump… Where they made KG look creepy

Kg anta

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That's the front page of Chinese sneaker company ANTA's new KG section.  That stylized photo of Kevin Garnett makes him look a special, creepy kind of crazy.  Hey ANTA, KG doesn't need any help looking intense.  But that's some axe-murderer shit right there.  All that's missing is him feasting on the severed limb of his latest victim.  I don't understand your culture… but you might still want to dial it back a notch.

Back in May, we told you KG was ditching Adidas.  Today, the switch became official as Garnett joined Team ANTA. (press release here).  KG will be in China for a week long tour to promote his new shoe. 

Video of KG is on the main page.  More photos and tour information, if you can read Chinese, here.

Kg anta 2 

Oh… how I wish we still did the KG face of the day.  Feel free to caption this in the comments.  Here's mine..

"Beautiful girls… all over the world… I could be chasin but my time I'd be wastin'… they got nothin on YOOOOOU Baby…."

Thanks KWAPT for the heads up on this.

After the jump, praise for Avery Bradley

“Avery’s one of those guys, he puts
people in a phone booth,’’ Ward said. “He could guard you so tight that
you didn’t even want the ball no more. Avery Bradley makes the best ball
handlers on the other team give up the ball. You see point guards give
the ball to the center, and make the center bring the ball up.
know the definition of harassment?’’ Ward continued. “If you’ve got
that ball, he’s going to harass you. He’s not going to harass you for
one trip up the court, he’s going to do it for 48 minutes.’’

Globe; It took a team effort to keep Celtics together

That's Bradley's AAU coach talking about our boy's defensive prowess.

So… if this guy is so good defensively… is it possible he can crack the rotation?

Of course… that's his AAU coach.  And NBA players are a little bit better than AAU competition.  And because we didn't see him in summer league because of his ankle injury, we only have words like this and Doc's "He's an NBA defender right now" quote to fill our heads with wild thoughts of this kid turning into Mr. Late-Game-Lockdown next to Rajon Rondo.  We can only imagine opposing guards sobbing uncontrollably as Bradley and Rondo pick up full court and force them to look like Hasheem Thabeet handling the rock.

What the hell… it's August… we can have our little dreams.  As long as we remember to snap back into "rookies get no burn" mode come training camp time.

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  • Luke Walton

    I see where pundits have taken to praising Bradley’s defense, even going so far as to call him a possible replacement for TA.
    THE DUDE IS 6’2″.
    Only guy he might replace is Dee Brown.

  • Brian

    The guy has a 6-7 wing span, so he can cover anyone who is about 6-5 or under pretty well. I’d like to see him put on some bulk and be able to put it on the floor and get to the hole. Only problem with that is that he shoots lke 60% FT’s…He’s only 19 and can really work on his game in the next few years..

  • KG looks more like Xavier McDaniel in that illustration.

  • Can’t wait to see what the shoes look like. And he does look like X-Man in that pic.