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LeBron and Bosh should hire these people

Thanks to "The Decision" of LeBron James, Miami Heat season tickets are sold out. That means the team doesn't really need the people whose job it is to sell the tickets. The Heat fired its ticket sales staff Friday, cutting an estimated 30 positions.

"Now that the supply for season tickets has been exhausted, we no longer
require a season ticket sales team," said the Heat in a statement
issued Friday afternoon.


"Hey, thanks for tirelessly pushing our season tickets while we sucked.  Now that everyone is jacking off to our logo and offering their significant others into indentured servitude in exchange for tickets… you guys can hit the bricks."

LeBron James and Chris Bosh should find positions for these people.  You've got almost 3 dozen people who were probably living paycheck-to-paycheck that are suddenly collecting unemployment… all because these two guys came to town for a combined $30 million or so per year.

Wade can chip in a little too.  If they all combined to provide $2 million… all 30 of these people would get around $60,000.  Even if they gave them the cash just as a severance… the goodwill generated by the move would help repair some of the damage done by the way LeBron and Bosh left town.

What the hell?  Why not?  These guys have the cash and their arrival is directly responsible for these people losing their jobs.  Why not give something to hard working 9-to-5'ers when you're a young megastar about to get a total of $100 million dollars and that contract is the reason why they're out of work?

I don't know…. I'd feel bad for them.

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  • larry

    classic..the three stooges…helping out the florida economy.

  • CFH

    LOL. The Miami Heat… a class act.

  • Miami Heat are going to make so much money this year…are they really gonna go that low to fire these harding working people?

  • 24/8

    I agree. What if the Heat don’t make it to the Finals? What if something stupid happens like one of their Big 3 getting injured and ruining the run? Miami might need their season ticket staff back. And then those ex-employees can pull a LeCon and demand max money, haahahaa.
    I’m so tired of hearing about how LeCon, Bosh an Wade “sacrificed” to get this to happen. Sacrificed what? A couple million each? They’re getting near-max contract money! And that’s with 3 All-Stars who normally draw double-teams. A sacrifice would be taking veteran’s minimum contracts in order to sign more great players. LeCon said the money didn’t matter, he was “all about winning”. Bullshit. “All about winning” means nothing else matters, not playing time, money, coaches, city, none of that crap so long as he gets a ring. And nobody calls him on that. Same with Bosh and Wade.
    I don’t mind that they’re making all that money if they can get it, if the Heat feel like giving it to them. But they need to shut up about sacrifice and being all about winning, not the money. Because that season ticket staff is what actually sacrificed for those prima donas.

  • It’s a pretty sad story..You can’t help but feel bad for those sales staff.
    All they were doing was their jobs.

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  • oh, and a Scalabrine sighting too!

  • Orb

    Don’t forget no state income tax in Florida…

  • Tony Allen’s Lawyer

    lebron tips about 5 bucks for every thousand he spends when he goes out. i wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to extend any type of goodwill to the average joe.

  • jared

    Thanks a lot, douchebags.

  • C

    Why does everybody look to push the blame on the athletes? I mean these people probably do deserve a sort of severance pay but why cant the organization handle that? Micky Arison has way more money than Bosh, Wade, and LeBron combined. Yet you feel like those 3 should be the one to pay the fans.
    U r mistaken

  • Jake

    This discussion is kinda inane, I mean we live in a capitalistic country and as much as I despise LeBron & Co. they are in no way responsible for those lost jobs. It’s funny how no one mentioned the fact that Miami’s recent resurgence will lead to many new jobs and businesses – all owing it to Lebron.