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Your Morning Dump… Where Von Wafer is happy to be here

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“I wasn’t always sure I’d be back,” says Wafer. “it’s unbelievable. I’m just so happy to be back. I’m just so happy.”

“I just hope to help the team,”
says the 25-year-old over the phone. “I’m all about the team first. I
want to do anything I can to help make this a better team. Coach Rivers
said, ‘If you’re not going to be a team player I don’t want you here.’
So I’m just gonna do my best to help make us a stronger group.”

The former 39th overall pick becomes the second
Boston Celtics to hail from Louisiana, joining Glen “Big Baby”
Davis—though he hasn’t yet had the chance to speak with any of his new

“I haven’t talked to them,” says the former Florida State star, “but I have a relationship with Paul Pierce and Big Baby.”

Currently in Los Angeles, VW plans on flying out to Boston early next week.

“I’m gonna leave Sunday,” Wafer says. “Then I’m gonna stay up in
Boston, try to work with the coaches to get familiar with the defensive
schemes, learn the plays and get more familiar with everybody up there.”

Slam Online

He's clearly saying all the right things, especially the part about getting familiar with the defensive schemes.

For those who can't get enough of Von, here's his Twitter page.

On Page 2, Brian Scalabrine sees no difference between Shaq and himself.

“Me and Shaq’s games are really quite similar. He’s an inside player.
I’m an inside player. He’s 360. I’m 250,” said Scalabrine, the
expression on his face hardly changing. “I don’t know, if they had to
make that choice that there’s only going be room for one 360-pound
center, I feel like they could do both. They could have me and him.”

Sun Journal

Gotta love Scal's humor. That's something we certainly will miss around here.

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  • gustusias

    After having seen his video highlights to refresh my memory of who he is even, and then reading how hard he has worked to get back to the league, and now this article, i am less worried about him. i would not be shocked if he is a big surprise come season and plays very well. He has height, open court speed, athleticism, and energy. While possessing a decent 3 pt. shot, he also can take it to the hole quickly and decisevely to score in a variety of ways.
    Daniels does concerns me a lot though. He just is so injury prone and never plays. His entire career is just injury after injury. Not only that, he is a horrendous outside shooter. So many of those outlet passes that he or Tony Allen received last season were caught with indeciveness screwed into the middle og their foreheads. You could see that they did not want the ball in that situation. Time will tell, but today I am much happier with a VW on our team than an MD.

  • With that said, they all fit together. Nate can bring the ball up, Wafer can spread the floor, and Quis can relegate to his true strength as a scorer (go to work via triple-threat off the catch at 10-12 feet). If the defense collapses, Quis is smart enough to make the right play and kick it back out to an open shooter. If they go 1-on-1, Quis will probably get a good (yet awkward) pull-up shot off the bounce in the paint.
    I like the lineups we can use. You can put Quis with Paul, Ray or Wafer. You can play Wafer with Paul or Quis, and even Ray at times against some of the smaller wing rotations. And they all bring something different. Doc has options, and he can play around with rotations.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Von is a hot-head and needs to control himself better than he has in the past. That shouldn’t be a problem with guys like KG around to straighten him out and make him cry if he gets out of line. Hopefully his physical problems are in the past. I think he’ll do well.
    Should be a competitive camp.

  • thetitleisours

    Daniels frustrates me a little as it never looks like he is going full steam. Maybe Sims will beat him out lol