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Perk: I’m feeling good

Chuck - Red's Army July 31, 2010 Uncategorized 1 Comment on Perk: I’m feeling good

Here are some excerpts from Kendrick Perkins' interview with Sports Radio 610 in Houston:

On how he feels in his recovery from his knee injury:

“I’m feeling good. I’m actually at the gym right now getting PT.
I’m in physical therapy right now but just taking it one day at a time,
just trying to get stronger, and it’s coming along real well. I’m just
trying to take it slow, but take it one day at a time.”

On how tough it was to miss game seven of the Finals:

“Think it was probably the worst time of my life. Getting all the
way to the Finals, game seven, probably the most important time and I
couldn’t be a part of it. You know I had to watch from the sidelines. It
was one of the most hurtful feelings. I thought it woulda been better
if we woulda won. It woulda made things a whole lot better, but we
didn’t and I feel like maybe if I was in there I coulda helped. It’s
something that you’re gonna take probably for the rest of your life, but
you gotta move on and just get ready for the next season.”

On how tough it will be to play against the Heat this year with their improvements:

“It’s not hard. I think we proved
that this year. It’s not important where you finish in the regular
season in my opinion. If you got a team that has just one goal, the goal
is getting into the playoffs. Last year we finished the year at 17 and
17. That wasn’t even above .500. That was right at .500 record.  A lot
of people were counting us out but we knew what we were waiting on. We
were just waiting to get to the playoffs. When you get to the playoffs,
it’s a totally different game. It’s not more fast paced, it’s all slowed
up, it’s more of a half court set, and it’s more physical. It looks
good on paper with Miami and stuff like that, but at the same time each
team is going to come at you. You gotta be prepared. It would be nothing
more than amazing for us to meet up with Miami and beat them. I think
any team would love to upset them. They’ve got a lot of pressure on
their end. Forget the other teams have to play against them, they’ve got
a lot of pressure on their end to win, to actually produce. It won’t
just be as if you’re gonna get three All Star players and then you win a
championship. You gotta have the right coach, everybody has to
sacrifice, you gotta be willing to move the ball, it’s gotta be about
team, and you gotta be able to play defense. We’ll see when it’s time to
match-up so we can just go from there.”

(h/t Celtics Town)

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  • Nicole Ferraz

    I love Perk! He’s def going to come back this season and shit on Chris Bosh. Those skum buckets.