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House signs with Miami

So tweets Adrian Wojnarowski

Eddie House has reached agreement on a two-year, $2.8 million deal with the Miami Heat, his agent, Mark Bartelstein tells Y! Sports.

Dammit.  That could be a pretty good signing for them.  Eddie's got one job there: shoot the ball.  The threat of Eddie opens things up for everyone else. 

Let's hope Eddie's shooting struggles from last year continue.  Sorry Eddie… it's nothing personal.  This is business.  And right now my business is rooting for anything that hurts Miami.

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  • AMP

    Awww…this stings!

  • Lorilei


  • G4L

    Gotta give it to the heat… thier building a good team… ON PAPER… We’ll see how it translates on the Court.

  • thetitleisours

    Guess that means West then if we cannot pull the strings for Rudy?
    Is Von Wafer still available? Hudson?

  • Celtsfan33

    I’m bummed – I like Eddie and would of rooted for him anywhere else (except LA of course). He’s a great fit for Miami – oh well.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.


  • m c dollar


  • wootay

    Can we please remove eddie,finley,tony,shelden and scal of the banner please!! LOL LOL

  • Good signing both for House and the Heat… on paper as mentioned. Let’s see how it plays out. House definitely needs to come off the banner.
    It seems like cheap’ish money to me. I couldn’t see him and Nate on the floor at the same time here though, and Nate can bring the ball up.

  • That’s a good acquisition for Heat. I’m disappointed with House’s decision but I still wish him the best of luck
    He can knock down those 3’s if he still has something left on him. But then again, he’s a one sided player and he’s getting older.
    All he can really do is shoot 3’s and long 2’s but when he can’t find the net, he’ll just keep shooting and shooting even if he misses all of them.
    His defense is a liability as well. Passing skills are average. Nonetheless, House can still contribute to the Heat and maybe lead to a championship.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    What’s this whole “on paper” thing? If you can’t realize the heat have a fantastic team at this point I donno what to say. They are seriously stacked and I tip my hat to Riley… The guy knows what he’s doing. Forget the magic the heat are the only real competition for us and they are gonna be hard to beat

  • nick

    Ya guys u deff needa clean up that banner and get sheed,scal,house,finley and neone else off it who no longer wears green and white…..I think J.O needs to get up there, everyone is gona be really surprised when this guy puts up 16 and 9 next year, very excited for O’Neal…as 4 eddie, who gives a fuck he was deteriorating here with us..who needs him he stinks, no d no nothing except half ass shooting

  • Lee in Oregon

    Get Rudy and noboby will give a crap about House and his kid. Or that nutcase Delonte for that matter.
    Nick, I think youre expecting alot from Jermaine.

  • I’m holding back the temptation to throw a House being on fire joke.

  • BlameItOnTheEtOH

    Looks like the C’s signed Von Wafer. Sounds like another low/no impact signing.

  • Lakerhater

    Good luck to eddie, and good news for ray allen when eddies on the floor.