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Hey dumb ass in the LeBron Heat jersey at an Indians game… too soon

What the hell did this guy think was gonna happen? 

Guy:  "Ok, we're off to the Indians game… my support of a local athlete should endear me to these fans."

Girl: "Show them that you're cool by tilting your hat to the side.  This way they'll know you're easy going"

Guy:  "Good call."

Cleveland cops understandably didn't want to deal with a homicide while
working a cushy baseball game detail… so they booted him.  Great
idea… let the cops OUTSIDE the park deal with things like dental records and notifying next of kin.

KWAPT has video of the guy showing up at his seats and people walking out.  Ball Don't Lie has a picture of the guy popping his jersey… you know, to really drive the douchiness home… as he left the park.  (Notice the guy in the bottom right taking the picture while flipping the bird. That's multi-tasking.) And CleveScene.com has many expletive-laden videos of the guy being walked out. 

It's kinda funny… but Cleveland fans need to check themselves a little.  You're on the verge there of crossing some lines.  Back it up a touch.  In the end, it's just sports.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Who would have thought Delonte West would have the biggest impact EVER on the NBA and Cleveland?
    Well done D, go blaze a fatty and enjoy some crispy cremes.
    (for New Englanders- crispy creme is an extremely over-rated donut company that does not compare to Dunkin Doughnuts)