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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo may get cut today… or not.

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It's not looking good for Tyreke Evans, O.J. Mayo and Gerald Wallace.

Sources close to the situation told FanHouse on Tuesday they're expected
to be among the cuts when Team USA on Wednesday reveals the 15 out of
19 remaining players who will be invited to New York for the Aug. 10-16
training camp in preparation for next month's World Championship in
Turkey. As to who might be the fourth cut, sources said that was still
being debated.

USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo would not confirm or deny any
names as to who might be cut. He said the 15 players for New York would
be announced during a 3 p.m. EDT conference call Wednesday.

FanHouse: Evans, Mayo, Wallace expected to be cut by Team USA

People everywhere are looking at Rajon Rondo and saying "he can't shoot… you need to be able to shoot in international play… therefore he's out."

But this isn't necessarily a 2+2=4 scenario.  On last night's Boston & That Sports Babe, Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix addressed Rondo's spot specifically and said he feels Rondo is a lock to make the New York roster.  The loss of a bunch of guys to injury means Team USA is becoming a pressure team.  And Rondo will make it because he's one of a few guys who can pressure the ball effectively.  Take a listen:

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I say Rondo survives today's cut.  Team USA has gone out of its way to praise him.  I think any analysis that ends solely on his shooting ability discounts what's been said about him and what has happened to this team over the past few weeks.  This won't be a traditional international team… so traditional thought about how it's constructed isn't necessarily accurate.

On page 2, Miami already won.

Reuters Photo

Via Pro Basketball Talk

Flo-Rida's new song is catchy little diddy about a fictional land where professional sports leagues crown champions months before any games are even played.  It's a magical place where full rosters aren't even necessary.  

I can't wait to see the look on Mr. Rida's face when the Celtics bump the Heat out of the playoffs in May.  

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  • Dutchgreen

    MAN, do I love hating the Heat already!

  • Kristovar

    Hating the Heat seems to be like one of those great unifiers like a war or a national event. Everyone comes together for a common goal–in this case it’s to make sure that this team fizzles.

  • JD

    Fucking Flo Rida, he makes sweet party music, but he is a terrible, terrible, god awful rapper.

  • m c dollar

    this is the greatest thing ive ever heard, please god…dont ever let this team win a championship

  • Jason

    I hope Rondo gets cut. He’ll save his body plus get a brand new chip on his shoulder. Win-win.

  • Agreed on the cut and the recovery time.
    I love hating the Heat. And it’s a close’ish city worth visiting for a C’s game, (provided there are any tix left).
    Am I the only person that thinks Bosh is madly overrated?

  • Sarah

    I completely agree with you guys. True fans of the NBA no longer respect Lebron.
    And outside of the Celtics the Cavs were my number 2 team. I really rooted for him, but all that is gone. I love sports for what they bring to a city, and how they bring people together. My heart aches for the people in Cleveland, and I can’t wait to pound them into the ground.

  • Sarah


  • Best comment response of all time, Sarah. Well played. Checked my inbox and that cracked me the hell up.