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USA Basketball: Rondo makes 1st Cut

In a conference call that just began at 3pm, Team USA announced Rajon Rondo will, in fact, be among the 15 finalists on the roster when the camp moves to New York on August 9th.

The 14 other team members are:  Chauncey Billups, Tyson Chandler, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Eric Gordon, Danny Granger, Jeff Green, Andre Iquodala, Brook Lopez, Kevin Love, Lamar Odom, Derrick Rose, and Russell Westbrook.

OJ Mayo, Gerald Wallace, JaVale McGee, and Tyreke Evans have been left off the roster.

Congrats to Rajon for making it to the next step. 


Coach K said time and time again on this conference call that the team is going to rely on speed and penetration, mainly because injuries to all their big men have forced them to change their approach.   I asked him about Rondo and everything people have said about his unreliable shooting being a hindrance in international play. 

I think he's an adequate shooter for us.  He did well shooting the ball in the camp. The thing Rondo does for us is he plays with a will to win. He just finds a way to have a positive impact on the game.  His will to win is something that I truly admire and we need that.  Plus he's a little bit older, not in age as much but with experience because the Celtics have gone so deep.  I think we're fortunate to have him

Sounds to me that Rondo is a lock to stick with this team throughout the championships.  Like I said earlier today… all the talk about his shooting hurting him in international play is misguided because Team USA isn't putting together the traditional international team.  While it's correct to say Rondo doesn't fit the international style of play… it doesn't apply in this case because Team USA, by necessity, is playing style that is perfect for Rajon Rondo.

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  • JD

    I think Rondo would have made the cut with or without the injuries to the big men, you can’t tell me that Westbrook is better than him. Rondo/D-Rose/Billups is comparable to the CP3/D-Will/J-Kidd point guard rotation the 2008 Olympic team. I don’t know why people still don’t believe in Rondo, his jumpshot is fine when he’s open and willing to take the shot.

  • The Truth is Here

    Gerald wallace cut twice? Ouch, he musta stunk

  • dustin

    Sucks to be Gerald Wallace. Getting left off the roster TWO TIMES!!! Poor guy.
    “OJ Mayo, Gerald Wallace, JaVale McGee, and Gerald Wallace have been left off the roster.”

  • dustin

    Crap…beat on that one by two minutes

  • CelticinSF

    Glen Davis has gone from one of my least fav players on the team to near the top……….From the espn article on Bron in Vegas.
    “James, who can hardly see the flying figure through his tinted glasses, almost gets kicked in the head on the waiter’s last trip down. He looks at the girls around him and says, “I wish they’d have one of these girls with no panties do that instead of the guy.”
    Toward the end of the night, Boston Celtics forward Glen Davis walks past James’ party and looks at the scene up and down several times like a painting in a museum, soaking in the images of the go-go dancers, the “King” sign and the costumed man delivering bottles of champagne. Davis shakes his head and walks on.” Even BBD knows better than that.

  • LOL. Yes, this is how it went.
    Colangelo: “Hi Gerald… sorry, we’re not going to be taking you with us to New York.
    Wallace: “Really? Shit… I was really hoping to take part. Well, thanks for the consideration. Appreciate it. Call me if something comes up and you still need me.”
    Colangelo: “Sure… stay sharp… you never know.”
    (both hang up)
    [5 minutes later…. phone rings]
    Wallace: “Hello?”
    Colangelo: “Hey Gerald.. It’s Jerry Colangelo”
    Wallace: “wow.. umm… hi. did someone drop out? Is Granger hurt? I’ll book my flight to NY right now….”
    Colangelo: “no… just letting you know you’re still cut…. BWAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA”

  • blahblah

    I still don’t know why the hell Mayo was cut and not Gordon…

  • Rondo is best PG in league!