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Celtics still in running for Rudy F.

At the urging of Rudy Fernandez and his agent, the Trail
have engaged in accelerated trade discussions to deal the
disgruntled, once-popular shooting guard to one of three Eastern
Conference teams.

Boston, Chicago and New
York are all in the running to land the 6-foot-6 Spaniard, who set an
NBA rookie record two seasons ago by making 159 three-pointers.

Fernandez has two years remaining on his contract, which will pay him
$1.25 million next season. The Blazers acquired Fernandez, along with
James Jones, from Phoenix for cash considerations on draft night 2007.
Fernandez signed with Portland in July 2008, ending his seven-year
career in the  Spanish ACB League.

of the teams interested in Fernandez have offered a future first round
draft pick, while other offers would pair Fernandez with another Blazers
player, but agent Andy Miller would not get into specifics.


A future 1st round pick seems to make sense.

Could the Celtics offer Rasheed Wallace's contract in a deal for Fernandez and another player? Yes, but I don't see who could be shipped back in return. Portland is right at the luxury tax threshold, so there's really no reason to dump salary.

On Page 2, one reader's creative Photoshop response to the news the Celtics are interested in Delonte West.


Thanks to Brent Donley for the pic

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  • JD

    If the Celtics get Rudy, thats great news for the bench offensively, but we are going to need to sign a defensive specialist for the vet. minimum as well to replace TA, because we would need a stopper on the wing still. I do not trust Marquis to be that 2/3 who can stop LeBron/Kobe/Wade. Options are:
    Bobby Simmons
    Trenton Hassell
    James Jones
    Rodney Carney
    With any of those guys along with NateRob, Rudy, Big Baby and JO, we would have one hell of a bench come the second half of the season. Get it done Danny.

  • JD

    I also have no idea whether any of those guys have been signed or not yet.

  • bringbackvitaly
  • The Truth is Here

    am I the only one who thinks delonte is still very good and could shine on a bad team or play good bench minutes for a good team?

  • CoachBo

    Unfortunately, no.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I think everyone agrees he’s a decent player…but do u really want a guy who packs loaded shotguns in guitar cases, drives around completely wasted making videos, and bangs your star-players mom?
    he’s not THAT good.

  • Danno

    Tony Allen wasn’t exactly a saint. He had the Death Sentence on 12 systems.