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Your Morning Dump… Where I doubt the Celtics want Eddie House

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“It’s something [Celtics president] Danny [Ainge] and I have discussed,”
House's agent Mark Bartelstein said. “But nothing’s imminent.”

Nice try, Mark Bartelstein. But we all know this ship has sailed.

Yes, the Celtics are desperate for another wing player. But they need someone who can defend 3s and that's not Eddie House.

A recent ESPN The Magazine story on Rashad McCants has some Celtics fans wondering if he's worth the risk. Here's Chris Forsberg's assessment:

It seems like McCants might have to look outside the NBA to prove
himself and maybe work his way back to the league. He is, however,
exactly the type of player the Celtics covet: an offensive minded
shooting guard, with the physicality to defend at small forward. He'd be
a nice addition to the bench and you can't help but wonder if Boston's
veteran nucleus — headlined by Garnett — could keep McCants on track.
But with the Celtics valuing chemistry so dearly, the team might not be
willing to risk having a reclamation project poison the locker room.

This guy must be a real jerk if no GM is willing to take a flyer.

On Page 2, the Blazers Rudy Fernandez talks trade.

Así lo explicó el propio Rudy a MD. "Portland está dispuesto a hacer un
'trade' y la verdad es que en este sentido estoy satisfecho de que ellos
quieran hacerlo. Ahora hay que encontrar un equipo donde yo pueda tener
un rol importante o donde pueda tener la dinámica que tuve en Portland
el primer año", dijo tras entrenar con la Selección española en Las

El Mundo Deportivo

Sounds to me like he really wants to play for the Celtics.

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  • Zauer

    I’m the one who started the McCants talks here and to all those ppl awaiting my comment on this i say: Give the guy a chance. KG knows him from Minny, i’m sure he knows if he’s worth anything

  • thetitleisours

    I hope we change the bench around at least a little bit with some fresh blood and not sign House and Scal.

  • “Sounds to me like he really wants to play for the Celtics.”
    Absolutely cracked me up. Well played1

  • cez

    He says he’s happy that Portland is willing to trade him…

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’d prefer Rudy over House but I doubt Portland will let him go for only Sheeds expiring deal. Paul Allen doesnt care about money.
    With 14 guys signed, and all these rumors, Gaffney & Lafayette are prob getting nervous about their non-guaranteed deals.
    sign the fat man dammit!

  • I Love Green

    Portland is willing to make a ‘trade’ and the truth is that in this sense I satisfied that they wish to do so. “There now to find a team where I may have an important role, or where would have the dynamics I had the first year in Portland,” said after train with Spanish team in Las Palmas.
    Thats what Rudy said.

  • CelticinSF

    Delonte is getting waived by the T-wolves. Anyone besides me love that idea?

  • DR. NO

    I do but his going to be asking for to much money. celtics will not be able to sign him.