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Remembering Reggie Lewis: 17 Years Ago Today


Amazingly it's been 17 years since the tragic passing of Boston Celtics all-star forward Reggie Lewis.  I was a young Celtic fan at the time, latching onto the team during the tail-end of the Big Three Era so Reggie was the next big Celtic star to take over.  I remember July 27th, 1993 like it was yesterday and it's still devastating to think about it today.

About a year ago, I found these old VHS tapes at my parents house and uploaded this Reggie Lewis tribute to youtube.  It's hosted by Celtics play-by-play man Mike Gorman and includes ESPN's coverage of the tragedy.  We'll never know how good Reggie would have been, but it's clear that his death was a big reason for the Celtics' dark and dreary decade in the 1990's.

With most of the major offseason business already done for the Celtics (save for adding a veteran minimum player and trading Sheed's contract), it's a good time to reflect on Reggie's brief career.  Enjoy the video below:



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  • gustusias

    i am beginning to cry thinking now about him. poor reggie. i am speechless.


    Thanks for the Post.
    Reggie was my fav baller of that era. I remember when I heard he had past, as clearly as 17 days ago.
    You are right about the era that followed.
    Thanks again.


    Dr Mudge, you are a MUGGGGGGG!!!

  • My pleasure, I’m glad you enjoyed them. Definitely miss Reggie.

  • Jack

    27 years??

  • Jack

    Nope. 17 years!! Duh……