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Boston & That Sports Babe returns with SI’s Chris Mannix

RedsArmyAdmin July 27, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off

Our broadcasts have been silent for the past few weeks as we re-charged the batteries (our batteries run on tequila and beer) and took our talents to places like Vegas (my talent: losing at blackjack).

But now we're back and ready to start broadcasting again.  We'll kick it off tonight when Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix joins Boston & That Sports Babe at 9pm. 

We met Chris will covering USA Basketball's camp in Vegas.  So we'll take a few minutes to talk about what he's seen from Team USA and whether our boy Rondo has a shot at making the team. 

And we spread our wings to talk a little football and Dez Bryant's refusal to act like a rookie and carry Roy Willams' pads… and we'll look at that 17-year, $102 million contract the New Jersey Devils tried to slip through the NHL's 5-hole.

Plus, we play a new game.  It's called "Who's dumber? David Kahn or…."  Here's a hint:  No matter who the "or" is… chances are the answer is gonna be David Kahn.

But you'll only know if you tune in.  And to do that, you gotta visit our show page at 9pm

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