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Well… we survived the Cuervo Games

Team Red's Army at least lived to tell the tale of the Cuervo Games… at least what we could remember of it after a night full of Tequila Sunrises and Margaritas.

Unfortunately, we fell a little short of our goal of beating OverTheMonster.com… but they did cheat.  They had a guy with abs… which is totally against the rules.  The only 6-packs allowed when you're taking on Red's Army are the ones you drink as a warm up.

Anyway, thanks to the folks at Cuervo for letting us take part.   Next time, I'm going to coach the team… or be like Captain Lou Albano and I'll just run around and try to hit someone on the other team with a chair.  And thanks to Cuervo for the drinks afterward.  When difficult athletic events remind you of your exact age rather than the age you THINK you are… the best thing for you is to hope tequila erases the memory of your embarrassment.

It was a great time.  Congrats to Over The Monster.  We shall have our revenge.

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  • BigMck

    Big props to the RA team.
    Nice camera work at the 3 minute mark. Nick is making his daring move 50 feet off the ground and we see the truck.

  • RAS

    That was ridiculous! There I was, making a sacrifice for RedsArmy and TedsArmy, and John screws up the camera work! Not surprised he cut out the video where I smashed a Cuervo bottle over his head.