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Your Morning – er – Afternoon dump… Where Rondo is making a national impression

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“He has a lot of leaderships qualities, and that’s important, because
this is a new group,” Colangelo said of Rondo. “The one veteran (point
guard) we have is Chauncey (Billups), and the rest are new guys, so
that’s something we really need.”

Yes, Rondo isn’t simply fulfilling a courtesy call.

“He projects very well. We’re very high on him,” Colangelo said last
week. “His career has really blossomed, and his confidence level has
improved big time.

“It’s early in the week, but we love what we have seen from him. He
makes a lot of plays. We’ve already lost a couple of big guys (David
Lee, Robin Lopez, Amar’e Stoudemire), so I guess we’re going to have to
be athletic. . . . We’re going to be very guard-heavy. So Rajon is
absolutely in the mix.”

Herald: Rondo now has national appeal

I saw Rondo's leadership qualities first-hand in Las Vegas.  He would pull guys aside and let them know how best to execute plays… where to do little things like set picks or stand in the set.  He's got no qualms about talking to any of the big stars on the team because he's played with big stars his whole career.

There's still some debate as to who will and won't make this team, but Chris Sheridan has him making the team.  It's an experience that will probably help him since international play is a different game.  Any kind of different look Rondo gets will only help him grow as he develops new tricks and strategies to deal with them.

Of course, I say all that after Rondo was largely invisible in last night's scrimmage… but that's not a big deal.  I still think Rondo continues on with the squad to New York.

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  • JD

    Eh Rondo was invisibile in the first half, but he was much more aggressive in that fourth quarter (didn’t play the third) and he ended up having a nice night. He, Wesbrook, and Rose should terrorize international backcourts on both sides of the ball. You can see that the ability to handcheck will give him defensive superiority over anyone he goes up against, even if it hurts him on offense a little bit (as he’s so small).
    I’m guessing the final rosters will be:
    (tee-hee Gay Love)
    and Mcgee or Jeff Green

  • Lee in Oregon

    Shaq wants to play in Boston for the vet-min and the C’s need another big. The guy started on a 60-win team last year and for the most part kept his head down and had a good year. WTF? Is he not the best guy out there right now? I think if they’re able to get to the finals, they’ll regret not having Shaq to play against Bynum.

  • CFH

    Has he confirmed that he’ll do it for the min? Last I heard he wanted 2 years at 8 per, which would mean using Sheed’s contact to get him rather than saving it for a wing.