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Rare video of Rondo’s double-nickle

Since I'm no longer in Vegas and no longer grabbing video of Rajon Rondo practicing with Team USA… here's a video from back in the day… when Rondo was destroying people in high school with a 55 point game..

Thanks to KWAPT for the link.

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  • Best part is at 3:20- Rondo absolutely abuses his defender with a sick crossover..

  • ML

    This is cool, but good lord…I could score 50 against these kids. This looks like one of those early-tournament pool games at AAU nationals where a team from Alaska sneaks in for a quick trip to FL and a beat down from future NBA players.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Too damn easy.

  • JD

    I dk about that, the score was close all game until the end. Oak Hill is always a great team, they would have been killing them if the other team was THAT bad.

  • anonymous

    Can you move that 2010 Cuervo Games video to after the jump or something?? It automatically plays everytime you open the site and you have to scroll far down now to silence it! Pretty annoying.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Wonder if he shot any free throws in that 55.

  • Adam

    Is it just me or did his jump shot form look a lot better back then?

  • Pat

    I find it hilarious that even in high school Rondo was setting up his big men with easy baskets, and its amazing that even back then his big men couldn’t finish. Someday Rondo will play with a center who can actually put the ball in the basket and hes gonna average like 20 assists a game.

  • Rondo shot about 15 ft’s and only hit half….maybe. and his form was much worse than it is now. Nothing wrong with his shot now, just has no confidence in it. Never has. His problem is changing his shot too much from Oak Hill to UK to Celtics.
    source – I uploaded the video

  • greenmech

    Wow, the last shot is the best! and what about his jump shot? Looks pretty good in this clip. Thx for sharing! Rondo is a awesome point guard °_°

  • No, no you couldnt score 50 against those kids. Nice try.