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Nate’s summer workout… in 2 parts

Once again, thanks to KWAPT for digging up a little video for us… this time it's Nate Robinson running up a hill.

Ummm… yeah, that's pretty much it.  But it's him working out…. and he's pretty damn fast.  I would have had to stop twice before reaching the top.

After the jump… Nate's summer workouts continue… Glen Davis style.

(NSFW Lyrics)

Alright… I'm officially old now.  WTF is this Dougie shit?  Is this what the kids are doing nowadays?

Jeeeez…. pass the prune juice.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    ah…during the intro, the guy in the background with the Sox hat appears to be bogarting the pipe.
    All my bitches love me too. Dog & wife make 2.

  • LarryLegend

    Even white guys can do the Dougie… Next up Scal..

  • JohnG

    He’s texting someone….did u really think that was a pipe? lol

  • DR. NO

    You gotta love nate and big baby, this is so funny. its all about having fun man. sometime you have to put basketball aside. And just have fun in life.