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Shaq Wants To Be A Celtic

Call me crazy, but I think Shaq in Boston could work.


Veteran free agent center Shaquille O'Neal – the future Hall of Famer without a team — has been lobbying the Boston Celtics aggressively, still trying to convince them that his addition would help their quest to win another NBA championship.

He still wants to be The Big Leprechaun.

Although O'Neal was unavailable for comment Friday, two sources close to him confirmed his continued interest in the Celtics even though they currently have no room, or exceptions, under the salary cap to pay him beyond the NBA veteran's minimum of $1.35 million.

"He only wants to go to a team with a chance to win it all,'' one
source said. "That's a short list. Even for the money, he's not going
to a non-contender.''

With Marc Stein reporting earlier in the week that the Hawks are the only team with an active interest in Shaq, it's not too surprising to see him lobbying to go somewhere with a chance at a title.  And with Kendrick's injury, the Celtics are a logical fit.

With Perk out we're taking a huge hit defensively.  No way to avoid that.  But offensively, Shaq would give us a little punch.  We'd finally have someone to dump the ball to on the blocks when the offense breaks down, and while the team seems to be at its peak when they're able to get out and run, Doc isn't exactly running a Showtime offense.  So O'Neal wouldn't be a huge hindrance there.

At the very least he'd give us size, rebounding and scoring potential off the bench.  All things severely lacking last season, especially against the Lakers. 

Plus, if he does join the Celtics, if you squint real hard, you may be able to convince yourself that it's 2001 and Danny Ainge was able to assemble a super squad, only rivaled by the Monstars from Space Jam.

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  • KY Celts fan

    So if we wanted to do a S&T, we have to realize that Shaq is no longer worth all of Sheed’s contract (assuming that’s the route we go). However, Cleveland has come interesting pieces that would pair well with Shaq. A S&T of Sheed’s contract, one of our young inexperienced guys, and a future first-rounder for Shaq and Jamario Moon/Anthony Parker would be great for us.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Oh Hell YES this could work. Shaq’s been on my crap-list for afew years but we need another big and he’s definitly still got some ball left in him. He’s the best big guy left and argueably the best ONeal if they get him. Why not try him for a year? (The option is a guy who plays 20 minutes a night in Turkey).
    This would be the difference between a shitty offseason and an okay one.

  • Shawn-cvd

    This off season has not been shitty to me. Doc came back…PP will retire a Celtic. Ray Ray is back. O’Neal was a huge pick up. Nate is back. Even Quis who given the chance is poised to redeem himself. The only piece we lost was Tony. I was miffed that he couldn’t land Kurt Thomas but Shaq would more than make up for that.
    Also Ainge has something in mind with this two year plan. One more year all in without jeopardizing the future. Then either a swan song or HUGE expiring contracts to be moved by 2012 trade deadline. If no movement then plenty to spend that Summer.

  • Shawn-cvd

    BTW some of our frustration with Ainge has been his inability to move Sheed’s contract. I feel we have over valued it as well as not allowed it to mature considering the current climate. The higher-than-expected Cap/Luxury Tax lines lowered the usefulness of an expiring deal. Houston would be much more willing to unload Shane Battier it they were 2-3 million deeper into the LT than they are for an example.
    Should Shaq come for Veteran’s Minimum I think Danny should nab Kapono from Philly only if he could extract a 1st round pick as well. Even if it’s a protected pick. Even if it’s an agreement to swap picks. The fact is Sheed’s cost cutting contract has more potential once the season starts. So getting a pick thrown in (and the possibilities it would offer) would be huge for the C’s future.

  • FSantos33

    Shawn-cvd I agree – I looked into C’s payroll they are at 81 million RIGHT NOW with people under contracts. The only moveable piece is Sheed’s contract if he decides to retire. No other moves can be done except this one in my opinion. Really not looking good right now as far as the bench goes. Ainge really has his hands tied for real.

  • FSantos33

    Here is the reality of the business side of the NBA – Correct me if I am wrong but here is my research with players under contracts and the lineup we’ll be cheering for next year without upgrades.
    Starters: KG, Paul, JO, RR, Ray
    Bench: Baby, Daniels, Erden, Nate, Bradley
    Perk (Out), Sheed (?Retired? or Trading Contract?)
    Like I said on my last post. C’s are 81 Mill Deep in Payroll with the 12 players above. How the hell is Ainge going to pull anything off here? Doesn’t look too good. I am not going to get in to the hype of getting Shaq, Tmack, Iverson.. ETC… it’s what we have right now that doesn’t sit well with me.
    Tony Allen left, Ronnie Brewer turned us down, Brad Miller… etc.. No Dice.
    Without bench upgrades and an aging starting lineup… Oh man.

  • james

    i think this is our only choice realistically. we need another big and there’s literally none out there. shaqs height and weight can slow down some of the bigger big men in the league (i’m looking at you LA) in ways that perk simply couldn’t last year (as seen with sheeds increased minutes in the finals). i loved watching shaq on offense during the bulls series last year, he gave noah hell, he just wasn’t strong enough to defend him. if he signs for a minimum contract he has to be worth it, i can see us doing a sign and trade but i don’t think at this point in his career he’s worth anything more than minimum, and if he’s so dedicated to winning he should take that too (and according to dan gilbert cleveland are winning a championship next year so i’m not sure they’ll be willing to trade other people away).
    we just have to immediately pull him out if a team starts running pick and roll!
    on another note, gasol is going to kill us in the playoffs next year. realistically, sheed was the only guy with the right combination of height, weight and smarts to defend him this playoffs, with even garnett getting burned. if we get shaq, hopefully he can slow bynum down enough that its only gasol who gets to us, whereas this year we got about 70% gasol and 30% bynum.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Good point. This is why Danny could very well fill out with Harrengody, Tony Gaffney and 1-2 Vet Mins (Shaq and Von Wafer?)… Then debate whether to use Sheed in trade (which would keep the C’s DEEP in the Luxury Tax) or get him off books as a cost cutting move.

  • “and the improved Orlando Magic.”
    How the hell did Orlando improve? They lost Barnes and replaced him with Quentin Richardson. Maybe the author assumes CP3 will end up with the Magic.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Exactly! Sheed was the only guy who didnt back of gasol and give him easy jumpers.
    My point earlier, was that alot of teams in the East improved and the C’s have barely stood pat. As far as Sheeds contract goes, they should still be hoping he changes his mind. If not, they can possibly get something for it before the deadline.
    As for Kapono, they could get Eddie House for half the money he makes.

  • michael

    Below are ten wing guys of various talent and salary who I believe could be available if a team decides they want to save money or get picks in return. Am I wrong in thinking Sheed’s contract can eventually be combined with Quis and Gaffney to bring back someone in the $10-11 million range? Or substitute Bradley for Gaffney to sweeten the deal in pursuit of Iguodala or G. Wallace.
    If even half these guys are realistic possibilites (now or by Feb.), our options have greatly expanded:
    Andre Iguodala
    Gerald Wallace
    Tayshuan Prince
    Corey Brewer
    Luol Deng
    Shawn Marion
    Mbah a Moute
    Kelenna Azubuike
    Sam Young
    Francisco Garcia

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Dont forget Sheldon Williams

  • DR. NO

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Shaqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

  • KY Celts fan

    Iffy and Wallace are their teams respective franchise players. No way they are going anywhere, especially just to save money. Plus Wallace just led his team to their first playoffs. He’s a hero in Charlotte. And why would the Bulls give up Deng or Brewer? They just guaranteed themselves division title this summer and are now title contenders. Plus, their Chicago, they have a lot of money to burn.

  • michael

    My point is there are options. I agree that Deng is unrealistic, but I think Iggy is possible since he has led them nowhere and they just drafted Evan Turner at the same position. By Brewer, I meant the underachieving Timberwolf Corey Brewer, not Ronnie Brewer.
    in any event, thx for the feedback.

  • KY Celts fan

    I got my Brewers mixed up. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  • mike

    best case scenario = shaq signs for vet. min.
    then we could either trade sheeds contract now, or hold onto it and get something by the deadline.

  • 24/8

    Shaq is serviceable during the regular season. He’s near useless in the Playoffs. Look at the Lakers, his former team (that won 3 rings with him), they couldn’t care less about acquiring him as a backup even though he made it clear he’d love to retire as a Laker, they’d rather go with Theo Ratliff or someone (anyone) else. He’s a poison in the locker room, he’s an egomaniac and out of shape. Each year he gets older and slower. Assuming Bynum recovers fully from this cartilage tear in his knee, Shaq won’t actually be able to stop him. Yes, Shaq is bigger but so what. Bynum is pure upswing, Shaq is done, just a clip of fouls. And Gasol will eat any other big man up alive.
    I am so fucking tired of Shaq. Ever since he won his 4th ring with Wade (and it was Wade who won it, Shaq disappeared in the Playoffs) he keeps talking like he’s the secret ingredient to winning rings. He bailed on the Heat as soon as Wade got injured. He went to the Suns and helped ruin their game, made that idiotic “when I get angry I tend to do things, like win championships” boast and then gave them dick, then he went to the Cavs and made a new idiotic statement, “win a ring for the king”, and that fell through. All Shaq will do is waste money and a roster spot. And I say this as a Lakers fan. Part of me wants the Celtics to screw up and sign Shaq but the other part wants the Celtics to beat down the Heat and that will be harder if Shaq is a Celtic. Please, Boston, don’t make it easier for the Heat to win the East.