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Rondo talks some C’s in Vegas

Rajon Rondo spent a few minutes during day 2 of Team USA's Vegas mini-camp talking Celtics…. and there was no real departure from his confident stance.

The thing that really struck me about the entire interview was how he dribbled that basketball behind his back for the entire thing in a perfect rhythm.  It's…. captivating.

After the jump, the first quarter of yesterday's scrimmage… well, most of it… feature at least one slick pass from Rajon Rondo.

Now… brief disclaimer: I didn't edit this at all.  I decided to give you the same experience that I saw…. which unfortunately means some shaky video and awkward cuts.  I apologize for that.  Basketball is tough to shoot… especially when you're 6'5" and crouching in a corner so as to stay out of everyone's way.

They let me shoot the first quarter before kicking out the media for the rest of practice.  Enjoy.

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  • Beastondo32

    Bill Simmons just mentioned a “hammer” offer that we should throw at New Orleans… Rondo, Perk, Sheeds contract, 1st rounder, cash for Chris Paul and Okafor
    Thats interesting but i love rondo far too much to see that happen.. anyone else have any thoughts on that?

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    I would rather have Rondo that Paul

  • sanabeans

    thanks for sharing these videos, john. You’ve brightened my day. My world would be a sadder place without you! (I hate the off season. I need my basketball fix and watching these wnba games ain’t doing it for me.)
    anywho’s, i love rondo & perk too much to trade them for CP3 & Okafor. And why mess around with the starting 5 that has never lost a playoff series??