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Report: Matt Barnes down to Cavs, Lakers

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports:

Unless Cleveland raises multi-year offer that
starts around $3.5M, Matt Barnes will sign a 1-year, $1.7M deal with

Hey Matt, sign with somebody, anybody… please. I need closure on NBA free agency.

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  • Shawn-cvd

    Step away from the ledge and drop that bottle of pills Nick. Looks like Barnes is Lakers bound…

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Good. Take your corner 3 pointers, your fancyboy defense, and your celebrity dreams to lala land. We didnt want ya anyways.

  • Atlas_Shrugged

    Like the Lakers needed to get taller and more versatile. Scary.
    LeBron is going to get 48 minutes of Hell in next year’s Finals. Artest-Barnes tag team.

  • michael

    After pining for Barnes last year, and feeling satisfied with Quis preseason, neither player had a big enough impact with their respective teams to change the outcome. We lost because Perk got hurt. That’s it. I’m not sour about it because Bynum was hurt too, like always. Yes, Pierce was subpar, Ray had to tangle with Kobe, Rondo was up and down, but that’s how it goes. We can’t all be LeBron James with one bad game per career 😉
    J.O. is the most important pickup we’re going to make. We can afford to wait and see how the Sheed situation develops, and maybe get a decent wing defender/shooter. I’d be happy getting Posey back and of course Battier would be the Bees Knees. Yes, I just quoted a Geico commercial.
    Have C’s signed Harangody yet? He’ll be more significant that whatever vet min wing guy comes our way. He is at the very least an improvement over Scal or possibly a shorter version of Brad Miller. Prob not going to help us on D, but a nice shooting and rebounding asset. Provides depth at the 3-4 and will stretch the floor like Sheed.
    Daniels was a big letdown. Dreads aside, he looked a bit too stoned the 2nd half of the year for my liking. I’d certainly be willing to give McGrady a shot, but that doesn’t help our D much. I would like to hear more about Udoka and Wright with regard to past defensive assignment success.
    Good to hear Avery Bradley is on the mend. He is too young for us to count heavily on, but I am excited that he will get PT with TA gone. Bradley could be huge for us come playoff time if the ankle holds up and he gets enough experience during regular season.

  • nick

    FUCK MY LIFE…I MEAN seriously…Y cant Ainge just offer the guy more years??!! People want 2 lable him as money-hungrey but jesus christ the dude has played all over and rarely has any stability in his life, he is a married man and I’m sure he wants some place where he can settle down, if Ainge gave him a 3 year deal wouldn’t that do the trick? its not like he’s breaking the bank at 1.7 million, so for all u guys who laugh at me 4 liking matt barnes, ask yourself this..would u rather have Barnes for 3 years for 1.7 mill per, or would u rather have some fucking scrub at 1 year making the minimum who ain’t gona help us get a title! are window just keeps on closing, and if you want 2 keep it open sometimes you gota give a little extra. All hope isn’t lost though, I really like Ime Udoka, Rashad McCants and the Graham brothers, but fuck off y cant we just get barnes already!

  • michael

    Ha! You’re crazy Nick, but I like it.
    How about Sheed for Corey Brewer or Martell Webster?

  • michael

    Sheed + draft pick for Shawn Marion?

  • Zauer

    Give Daniels another chance, he will be cheap coz nobody wants him

  • Lee in Oregon

    Nick, take it easy! Your guy will be okay. No one is faulting him for wanting to get paid ONCE in his career, but it looks like he’s taking his “immortality” to LA for yet another vet-mini 1 year deal.
    Now that Matt Barnes 15-minutes is finally over, lets get back to the shitty offseason Danny is having. Who’s gonna back up the wing? And please dont tell me Harongody. He can back up the back-up if he’s lucky. DA is waiting to see who’s left and there’s hardly anyone decent left now.

  • michael

    One more option and I’ll shut it.
    Sheed, Gaffney, Lafayette, and A. Bradley
    Tayshuan Prince
    Rediculous, but the numbers work. Detroit saves money and gets a great prospect in Bradley

  • haha

    Barnes to the LAKERSS

  • Barnes sucks