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Marquis Daniels is coming back

Via NBA Fanhouse:

The Boston
have reached an agreement to re-sign swingman Marquis
for $2.5 million on a one-year deal, his agent, Mark
Bartelstein, told FanHouse on Thursday.

"It's a good opportunity for him,'' Bartelstein said. "It's a fresh
start for him after the injury.''

Daniels, who had thumb surgery during the season, averaged 5.6 points
last season while playing in just 51 games.

Raise your hand if you thought (at the beginning of free agency) the Celtics would resign Marquis Daniels? As the days passed and viable alternatives continued to sign with other teams, it became clear that the Celtics had no other choice but to bring back Quisy.

Remember how excited you were when the Celtics signed Daniels last season? Most of us thought he was going to be a key contributor off the bench. He was… until the thumb injury in mid-season. And once he returned, he fell into Doc's doghouse, for whatever reason. I asked Daniels (via Twitter) to explain and he claimed not to know the reason why his playing time disappeared.

Let's hope Daniels can turn things around.

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  • nick

    Ehhhhhh i guess I’m o.k with this ASSUMING we get 1 more wing, i just can’t accept the fact that he and tony gaffney are the only insurance for paul and ray, sign Udoka or McCants please.

  • CFH

    Wow! I’m happy about this, because he WAS doing a great job before he got injured and Good Tony took all his playing time. And because the C’s weren’t going to find a decent wing on the FA market.
    But I was sure he couldn’t wait to play anywhere but Boston.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Nice. I was hoping we would resign him. My master plans are all coming to fruition. Now, we just need to sign Harangody…and then they’ll be complete. I’m not a tough guy to please.

  • michael

    I think this means that as of October 22nd we can trade Sheed, Quis, and Gaffney for Tayshaun or anyone else whose salary is approx $11 million. Like Danny Granger 🙂 c’mon Larry, you know you want to

  • PeaceSignMoose

    Remember when we acquired Quisy with the expectation that he’d be 2010 playoffs Tony Allen with an offensive game? It would be nice if he got back to being that guy.
    Hopefully he can stay away from the lengthy injuries (Marquis will never be injury free) and that will allow him to stay in the system. I wonder if all the time off last year just set him too far back in the system, which in turn threw him into Doc’s dog house.

  • michael

    Sheed and Quis plus Bradley/draft picks to the Bobcats for Gerald Wallace. Sheed and Quis are enough to get the numbers done, but no reason for the Bobcats to make that deal other than money.

  • Great news. I don’t hide the fact that I’m a huge Quisy fan. Before the thumb issue last year, dude was looking to be a solid contributor. And I agree w/the writer that it seemed as if the C’s had washed their hands of Marquis. You did not hear one word from Doc, Danny or anyone else affiliated w/the Celts about Daniels since the Finals. My theory is that Doc and Quis had a heart to heart last weekend. Quis had his celebrity wkend in Orlando, and Doc was a guest. Whatever happened, I’m glad it did. I really hope he can prove everyone wrong and go a full season w/out missing extended time. We’ll see.

  • nick

    So we get Queezy and the Lakers get Barnes…Hmmm, how should I as a die-hard Life-Long Celtics fan feel about this?? its clear that L.A got the better of that one but we’ll see… Queez is really gona have to show me something I ain’t buying that “he was doing good till he hurt his thumb bullshit” That being said he’s been a good player b4, so he needs to put in a hardddd summers work, I know this much, Barnes is better from 3, plays harder and better D, is more consistent, wants to fight other teams best players more, and just has more overall passion and desire as a pro athlete, but u know besides that, Is there any chance Ainge is plotting a trade?? the way i see it is we have Pierce,Ray,K.G,Rondo,Perk,Baby,O’Neal, who are garunteed to play good and be the core of the team, but ALL of them are injury pron except Rondo who by the way he plays is actually injury prone…Then u have Nate,Queez who have good talent but both aren’t proven contributors to a title contending team, and have faulty personalities(Nate being mental and flexing every time he scores) (Marquis looking like he’s high and at a boring family function every time u see him on the court or bench) and then theres Erden, Harangody, and Avery Bradley who have no NBA pedigree. so thats 7 guys u know can ball come playoff time, and one is coming off of a torn ACL, i just feel like in resigning Queez and Nate that while they have some potential, signing Earl Watson and Matt Barnes would have given us known commodities, but lets see what Ainge’s plan is, i’m hoping this isn’t the finished product.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I agree with Nick, I wanna see more tough play and less cool tats & insane jewelry. I guess I’m glad we got him back, not cause of anything he did last year, simply because he’s about the only option left. He’s gonna have to have a career year though, not the piece of crap season he had last year. Not excited though, would rather have had Ryan Gomes or the “immortal” Matt Barnes.
    So is that DA’s summer? I still see them going backwards if that’s the case. Still need a big man.

  • nick

    THANK U LEE, it is nice to have some support.

  • KY Celts fan

    Lakers also signed Theo Ratliff

  • KY Celts fan

    Last year, Artest got into it with Kobe, and the Lakers signed him that summer. This year Barnes pushed him around and now he becomes a Laker. Rondo is constantly in Kobe’s face. Does that mean the Lakers will look to acquire him next summer?

  • Zauer

    I’m fan of this move, Daniels will show Doc he did wrong last year benching him. And we got a wing still having Sheeds contract, its good.

  • Solid move. I think Quisy will have a resurgence year after the thumb and we’ll be happy about this come spring.

  • thetitleisours

    What is left guys? Just a vet big?

  • thetitleisours

    Jon Scheyer or Janning to add scoring or will House be coming back? We need a sharpshooter

  • cam

    I’m pretty sure his playing time started disappearing because he was sucking. He was given his spot back after injury even though TA was doing well. I feel like he was given every chance in the world to prove himself when he came back from injury and then with like 3 weeks left in the season Doc had to go with the guy that was actually contributing something on the floor

  • Lakerhater

    That’s f#cking hilarious. People are all over Danny’s ass but mitch upchuck is getting killed in free agency.