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Updates (sorta) on Barnes and Fernandez

Here's an update on Matt Barnes situation, courtesy Brian Windhorst:

Matt Barnes has tough choice. Come to CLE for a little more $ or play with contender. Right now, sources say, he's leaning toward contender

#Cavs can offer more $ than Heat, Magic, Celtics & Lakers. But doesn't sound like Cavs want to make quite same offer as TOR (2yrs/$9 mill)

And the latest on Rudy Fernandez, courtesy Brian Smith.

Blazers are actively pursuing trade for Fernandez. Team is willing to
keep Fernandez, though, and will not give him away for "free."

feel that situation with Fernandez has come to a head. His continuing
talk about possible move has team wanting to resolve situation.

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  • Number 18 2011

    i say we trade a first round pick for fernandez then we get barnes also! that would complete our team and we would be ready to go!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Here, here, I like the idea

  • Shawn-cvd

    Everyone is saying first round pick for Fernandez…I loove the idea esp. that next years pick wont be worth more than an established Rudy but C’s are over cap so a player must go out for him! So who?

  • I hope Barnes goes to Cleveland, leads the team in scoring and leads them to a playoff victory over miami.

  • FSantos33

    Matt Barnes was on the Sacramento radio tonight, he said it’s down to three teams. Cleveland, Lakers and Heat. He is from Cali and went to college in LA but Lakers and Heat can only offer him discounted contracts. Only Cleveland can offer him more. So, go for a little more money and be average or go for a title and take less. Sounded like he is leaning towards the Lakers in my opinion.

  • finn

    I’ll take Rudy, he’s still young and the kid has some talent. Hes been a beast for the Spanish National Team and has shown some flashes on the Blazers…way better option than Kapono, Udoko, and a bunch of the other names. Still wish somehow DA could get Josh Howard tho, however unlikely.