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More from Team USA’s mini-camp

Day 1 of the Team USA mini-camp gave us a chance to not only talk to these guys, but see how they worked together.  I've put together some video of the guys, mainly focusing on Rajon Rondo, as they go through drills and some of their new sets. 

After the jump, video of one of those sets… and in the middle Rajon and Lamar Odom stand right in front of me and discuss how Lamar should set the pick so Rondo can use it well.  Also, interviews with Kevin Durant and Chauncey Billups.

And let me say… if Kevin Durant is not your favorite non-Celtic by now (except for Matt Barnes… we know, Nick) then I can't help you.

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  • Awesome Stuff! This is why next year my goal is to take these trips with the rest of the blogging world.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Haha…Kevin Durant really is the man.

  • Someone tell that one guy that Canada isn’t overseas

  • LisaBabyLisa

    Ahhhhh…Im soooooo jealous!!! That is some good footage right there! Durantula is def one of my favs too! 🙂

  • itsthatbradguy

    Kevin Durant is without a doubt my favorite non-Celtic. Anyone who didn’t respect the guy as a player and a man after seeing him participating in huddles and work outs during the summer league in Orlando (when he could have just as easily been on vacation rather than helping his team mates & him self get better) is a hater to the core and doesn’t appreciate a great player & human being when they see one.