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Coach Tom Thibodeau in action with Derrick Rose

I'm an unabashed basketball junkie.  And not in the "I've got to watch 10 games a day" way.  I mean I could spend 10 hours a day on the basketball court watching the game… watching guys learn… watching coaches coach… all of it.

So when day 2 of USA Basketball's mini-camp ended… I was mesmerized when I saw Tom Thibodeau walk over to Derrick Rose.  Out of nowhere, Thibs and DRose just started talking… and it turned into coaching… and it slowly became a back and forth of "this is what I see you doing" and "this is what I see on the court".

I recorded a portion of it.  Maybe to some of you it will seem like 2 guys just talking on the court.  And that's fine if you see that and find it boring. 

But to me, I see knowledge being passed from one mind to another.  I see the game of basketball itself growing as a star player learns something that will make him even better.

Here's the video.  After the jump, my 1-on-1 interview with Tom Thibodeau… where he still professes a fondness for the C's… even though he's with the other side.

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  • This stuff is awesome. Enjoying every minute of it. And yeah, Chicago is going to be a freaking good team man. Thibs is gonna do well there. And I hope they are ready for the yelling. Dude screamed his HEAD off as an assistant-can only imagine what a terror he’ll be as a head-coach. Are you going to be at the “showcase” on Saturday night? It’s like a scrimmage between the Team USA players.

  • Kristovar

    Miss Thibs already… I wish him the best in everything he does that doesn’t involve his team playing the Celtics.

  • Sarah

    How was Rondo during day 2?

  • Look at Rondo completely air ball his three on the other end (1:31) He must be nervous with Thibs & Rose chatting it up.

  • Great job out there, I’m loving the personal coverage just like the all star stuff back in Feb.
    No need to explain yourself, we’re all visiting this site during the off season starving for some Celtics news, we’re junkies just like you.

  • kit

    Airball is just a normal thing with Rondo…