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Your Morning Dump… Where Matt Barnes might not be going to Toronto afterall

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Since Toronto recently spent the bulk of its $5.8 million mid-level
exception to sign Linas
, it doesn’t have the available funds to sign Barnes outright
to a deal that starts in the neighborhood of $4 million.

Magic, though, are prevented by salary-cap rules from starting a
sign-and-trade deal for Barnes at higher than $2 million, because
Orlando doesn’t have Barnes’ full Bird rights after employing him for
only one season. A sign-and-trade deal would also have to span at least
three years, although only the first year is required to be guaranteed.


How the hell can an NBA GM and NBA agent agree to a deal that isn’t possible? If I’m Matt Barnes, I immediately fire my agent and give Toronto the middle finger salute.

Before thoughts of Barnes wearing green cross your mind (again), you should know that Cleveland still has its full MLE.

On Page 2, news about the Celtics efforts to move Sheed’s contract.

The Celtics’ attempt to move the yet-to-retire Rasheed Wallace’s $6
million salary slot may even take longer, after teams finish with free
agency and have a better idea of how their respective rosters shape up.

But right now, movement on that front for the Celtics is even slower
than the attempt to sign a quality player to a veteran’s minimum

Not even the lure of a team that came within 12 minutes of the NBA
title is always enough when money is involved.

“That’s never been enough to prevent guys from making money,” said
Ainge. “It’s always hard to gauge. We just have to wait and see. There
are still good players out there.”

Herald – Danny Ainge can only wait

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  • The salary cap system, while working, definitely creates a lot of bureaucratic obstacles. Hopefully the Celtics’ will get past this and make some meaningful signings.

  • thetitleisours

    What about Joey Graham?
    Sounds like TA lol
    “For all his athletic tools, Graham is not a smart basketball player. His athletic tools aid him in transition, and he dunks a-plenty (accounting for 10% of his field goal attempts) but in a half court offense, he struggles way more. Graham is not a good jumpshooter, nor is he a particularly good slasher, and while he’s a pretty good defensive player, it is of opposing forwards.”

  • nick

    I love the Graham brothers Joey and Stephen if we can get em in a package deal that would be great, but please if there’s a god we will get matt barnes, theres still hope.

  • PaulPierce34

    I can’t believe Matt Barnes is even newsworthy, especially on this blog. The guy is horrendous. Do you remember when the Celtics jumped out to a 3-0 lead on the Magic? That was thanks in large part to how atrocious Matt Barnes was on the offensive end, just missing shot after shot and not being able to pull down a single rebound. Everytime Barnes took a wide open 20-footer and clanked it, I would look at my buddies and simply say: “Matt Barnes is fucking awful!” I can’t believe we are actually sitting here talking about bringing him to Boston!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Only question, Why would someone play here for the minimum over Miami with No income tax and a younger core? Thats why we are struggling to get anybody for the minimum

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Well in his defense he was struggling with major back pain throughout that series. Yes he’s not the greatest wing player but at this point it doesn’t get any better than him..

  • idaho.jim

    What wings are left out there? And I have to agree w/ PP when he says it’s hard to swallow losing out to these other teams in free agency. Sheed’s contract in a sign and trade is what i’m holding out for.

  • jared

    Wow I hate the salary cap. Its great if your the Clippers or the Timberwolves, but if the Celtics were able to spend however they wanted and keep all revenues, they would be a powerhouse forever. I never thought id say this, but I wish the NBA were more like Major league Baseball. Wait, nevermind. More like world soccer. Yeah thats better.
    This really has turned into the summer from hell for C’s fans. I totally feel what PP is saying in terms of the market. Somethings going to have to come down like a miracle for the C’s to really do damage this coming season.

  • greenbeand

    bill walker would look good in green


    If u had no cap it’d end up like the English Premier league where only 4 teams out of 20 can ever win it…

  • SorryMan

    Lol that is what it’s like now except with like 5 teams