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Rondo talks at Team USA camp

After a lot back-and-forth, the Rajon Rondo/USA Basketball "saga" ended with him just showing up like everyone else did today in Las Vegas.

I was there today to talk to him a little about the experience.

And.. like I said.. we're in Vegas… so there's got be some kind of screwed up thing that happens. 

After the jump, a drunk Rajon Rondo fan that I bumped into at Caesar's Palace professes her insane love for Rajon. 

I promised I'd pass the message along… so… here it is Rajon.

Drunk Rondo Chick

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  • “How do you feel about being here with all these other point guards?” “Comfortable.” Cool, calm and mot#erfu%&ing collected. Love this kid. Thanks John-great stuff. No one deserves to be there more than you with all the work you guys put into this site.

  • Just listened to the drunk chick-CLASSIC. I won’t ruin it-everyone will have to check it out..

  • Thanks man… really appreciate it.

  • Absolutely love his reactions (or non-reactions) to the routine questions. Good work boss.

  • Haha I agree it’s a must listen. The girls’ name seems fitting for some reason!

  • G4L

    Funny I say the same things about Perk when I’m drunk… Haha Just playing.
    I can see why people think Rondo is a punk, He sounds arrogant

  • Chele

    I love em too, but damn.. i don’t want his babies! lmao..that was classic!

  • chele

    aww g4l give em time to warm up. its not easy im sure to be thrusted into the spotlight. He is really blowin up fast. Not all of us are friendly. I don’t see it as arrogant, that’s confidence.

  • aaron

    agreed. cool.
    like a GOOD LEADER.