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Report: Matt Barnes taking his talents to Toronto's Marc Stein reports the Toronto Raptors have signed Matt Barnes to a two year deal worth $10 million.

The Raptors have no chance of competing for a title, but Barnes is making 2-3 times more cash with Toronto than he would have made playing for the contenders.

And while I would have loved to see Barnes in green, at least he won't be playing for the Magic, Lakers and Heat.

Hoopsworld's Bill Ingram reports:

Larry Hughes says
he's down to Lakers, Celtics, HEAT and Bobcats…

Larry Hughes? Seriously? I'd rather give Marquis Daniels another shot. 

Hughes split time between the Knicks and Bobcats last season (45 total games) and averaged about 9 points.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    So Josh Howard or T-Mac? Maybe stealing Battier or Ariza? What about Richard Jefferson? We can’t be done yet, can we?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    So Josh Howard or T-Mac? Maybe stealing Battier or Ariza? What about Richard Jefferson? We can’t be done yet, can we?

  • not Laura Hughes this is all I have to say

  • aaron

    nick is crying somewhere…

  • greenbeand

    i seem to remember barnes played with nimble back and was unable to stay on the floor. DA should use sheeds contract and trade for JR Smith (denver just brought in Al Harrington). add JR with another big and this team is title bound!

  • nick

    Knew it was too good to be true. I’de love to sit here and say derogitory things about Bares going to Canada, but the truth is Boston should have prioritized this guy for the last 3 offseasons, and 4 some reason they don’t..w.e though I guess I’m the only person who gets the fact that he is an almost identical, younger, and better version of the best bench player we’ve had here during the big 3 era, James Posey. Danny has got 2 be up to something so I’m not TOO worried, but damn Barnes is perfect 4 the C’s!

  • leo

    Good for him – He saw that everybody else was getting paid, so why shouldn’t he?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Nick, if Barnes ever needs a new agent, you got the job bro. Posey in his prime (Miami & Boston) was way better than Barnes , and TA is still a better defender in my book.
    I’m worried. Why cant we get anyone to sign in Boston? I get that Barnes wanted to get paid though.
    Not sure what Danny has in mind cause he’s running out of even half-decent players. Is he gonna go with the rooks to start the year and hope someone gets bought out before the break?
    Everytime someone stiffs the C’s it pisses me off cause they coulda had TA for cheap. Who’s left? Butler? McGrady? Howard will get more than Barnes did, so is he out of the picture?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Every player we’ve liked Ainge to get went elsewhere but that’s not Ainge’s fault. Every targeted player has gotten paid. C’s have not $$ to throw around. That’s not on Ainge, that’s on the limitations of being over the cap.
    It’s a tough sell to expect Barnes, who has made around $7 million FOR HIS ENTIRE CAREER to take four times less to play with Boston, LA or any contender. In the next two years Barnes will double what he made in his first seven. Good for him…

  • CFH

    No salary cap room and a city with bad weather and little night life… it was always going to be an uphill battle to sign anyone even on a defending conference champion team with a popular coach/players.

  • Barnes is soooo overrated. I am from Orlando and I know. Posey was miles away better.