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What’s Rondo’s issue with Team USA?

Rondo frustrated

For some reason, Rajon Rondo and USA Basketball can't seem to get on the same page.  After the "mis-communications" and subsequent resolution, There's some sort of issue again.

He was downright indecisive Sunday when it came to his possible
participation with the USA Basketball National Team that begins practicing
Monday in Las Vegas.

"I might not know until later tonight,'' Rondo told FanHouse late Sunday
afternoon. "I don't have a plane ticket yet, but I might still get

Rondo was in Miami for Dwyane Wade's Summer
Groove Charity Game, but he declined to play, even when fans started
chanting his name. He was on the bench dressed in basketball gear, but
showed no interest in joining his teammates on the court. He said he was

I'm really curious about what the problem is here.  What's the issue?  Why can't this be resolved and Rondo be at Team USA's camp tomorrow in Vegas?  It's gotta happen.

And I'm not just saying that because I'm in Vegas for a couple more days and I personally want to see him play with all these guys (oh, the alley oops… there would be so many wonderful alley oops).  Ok, I am.

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  • rondo-is-love

    Do you think it’s because of all the Red Bull stuff he’s doing? And I also read earlier during the season that he has annual vacations that he takes his family members on..

  • If that was the case, I’d think he would say either yes or no. This is a non-committal answer that… at least to me… smacks of some sort of issue or disagreement

  • nick

    Team U.SA is a big crock of Bullshit, i used to love Olympic Hoops but now they send fags like Lebron and Kobe over there so i refuse to even watch it. In 2008 in China when Kobe started doing his typical B.S of deciding soon as the ball crosses halfcourt that he’s gona shoot it..I became so disgusted that i just quit on International hoops. Its clear Carmelo is the best international competition player we have and yet we bring over Lebron and Kobe to be heroes its just pathetic. As 4 Rondo, y the fuck should he play all the wy to game 7 of the finals and then play in the world championships also? he’s 1 of the few guys we have who has fresh young legs..lets not want him 2 abuse that and become run-down. Also..its really dumb that they have Rose, Paul, Rondo Tyreke Evans, Deron WIlliams, i mean really, how many nasty point guards do u need, what a fucking joke. decide on 2 that you want to lead your squad and thats it, y should rondo or paul or williams or rose want to go knowing the other is there, its pretty dumb asnd excessive

  • rondo-is-love

    Hm.. you’ve got a point there, didn’t even think about it that way.
    Do they pay Team USA members? If they do, perhaps that’s the case?

  • rondo-is-love

    Deron Williams declined. And this is merely training camp… not all of those guys will make the actual team that’s going to play.
    You do make a valid point about Rondo playing through Game 7 of the Finals, though. Maybe he doesn’t want to deal with the chance of another loss in a championship run or something? I sure wouldn’t want to.

  • Roger Verganio

    He’s acting like a pathetic child

  • Lee in Oregon

    Screw USA basketball. Rondo should chill with his red bull commitments and work on that jumper. Last thing we need is him getting hurt trying to make a team that doesnt need him. He’s gonna be logging some heavy minutes next year again anyways.

  • prefuse

    They send fags like Lebron and Kobe? Are you serious? Such an ignorant comment. Those two “fags” are one of the top players in the league/history. They can’t represent their own country? So what Carmelo is the best international player? Rondo is the best player in the Celtics. Lets not sign Garnett, Pierce or Allen. He doesn’t need help right? Your comment is fucking pathetic.

  • Just look at the USA team picture when guys were covering logos, that gives an indication of where allegiances lie. I think in principle, it would be awesome if USA hoops were regarded better and players wanted to play for their country. For reasons, (Stern, contracts, endorsements), it is not a hot commodity here. Other than the jersey’s and the alley-oops, folks don’t tune in much.
    So Rondo could be spoiled, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    He wasn’t a first choice, but considered as a filler. So without their commitment to him, why would he commit to them? To practice, get exhausted/hurt or on the bright side get excited, then not play? He plays his a** off, that’s how he is, he knows he’d pour himself into it.
    I also agree with Lee. He burns ridiculous minutes during the season and went as deep as possible in the post season. And it won’t help his jumper or free throw shooting. He needs the down time.
    Again, I don’t wish this were the case. And I think Rondo should just give a go/no-go.. all I can say is it’s not a complete surprise that he’s not jumping at the ‘opportunity’ because I’m not sure what kind of opportunity it is.

  • Personally I’d rather he NOT play. Why risk injury? He’s the most important player on the team. You cannot replace what he does on that court,should he sustain an injury. He played hard and logged many minutes during the season(he plays the entire game many nights). Enjoy the off season,his newfound star status has got to be pretty exciting. Come back strong for the start of the season. Celtic fans will be looking to him to lead the team.