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Tracy McGrady To The Celtics?

While the title contenders of the NBA breathlessly await Matt Barnes' announcement as to where he will sign his next contract, the Celtics might be in the hunt for Tracy McGrady.  A recent report posted to the website "The Bleacher Report," makes a relatively vague proclamation that the C's might be signing TMac.

Reports have been swirling that Tracy McGrady has considered teams in L.A., Miami, and even Orlando where he was a scoring machine. Well, the team with the most titles all time is reportedly interested as well now that Tony Allen has vacated the Boston grounds.

Take what you will from that site which doesn't site any "sources" or any other viable resource other than what seems like opinion, but the fact of the matter remains that the Celtics still need a wing player to replace the void left by Tony Allen.  The C's only have the veteran minimum exception to offer McGrady and don't be surprised if he receives more than that.  Besides, why would TMac sign with Boston for the minimum when he could sign with LA or Miami for the same?

He would essentially have the same role with all three teams: Be a sixth man/scorer off the bench to pick up the offensive load.  He's clearly not what he used to be in his Orlando heyday, but for the veteran minimum the Celtics could do a lot worse.

Besides, he would fit perfectly here as he would be the third player on their roster that came straight out of high school to enter the NBA, with an accompanying major knee injury.  TMac would join Kevin Garnett and Jermaine O'Neal as the Celtics high school knee-trio.  Sarcasm aside, the reality is that the Celtics need to fill the TA void.  Pierce himself has expressed his concerns, so maybe he's been texting TMac to come to the green.  It could also be Doc Rivers trying to coax TMac into playing for the Celtics.  He coached him during his best years for the Magic so I wouldn't doubt it if Doc was in contact with McGrady.

While McGrady's defense has never been that spectacular (being very generous here), he would provide a huge offensive boost right off the bench.  Combined with Nate Robinson (and Jermaine O'Neal off the bench when Perk returns), the Celtics would have their best offensive second unit since the New Big Three Era.  McGrady showed flashes of his old self during his brief stint with the Knicks last season, but he also had some games where he was non-existent.

Stay tuned because you'll most likely be hearing all sorts of names crop up.  Even Penny Hardaway has recently stated that he wants to play for Miami now.  Listen, Penny was one of the best players in the NBA before his knee injury but that was a long time ago.  McGrady could easily help this Celtics team by playing just 15-18 minutes per game behind Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.  The question is: Why would he choose Boston over LA, Miami, or a team like the LA Clippers for more money?  We shall see.

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  • Number 18 2011

    it would be a quartet….you forgot Kendrick Perkins who came straight out of high school and has a knee injury.

  • PeaceSignMoose

    He would be the fourth to come out of high school and have a significant knee injury. You’re forgetting Perkins.

  • The Celtics already paid Michael Finley to be an unusable bench geezer. No need to do it again with McGrady.

  • FYI–Bleacher Report isn’t a real news outlet.

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    OK please don’t laugh but I like Steve Novak and Craig Smith both from the Clippers. Smith is a good rebounder a little undersized and Novak is a hot shooter with good size. Thoughts……..

  • Also in reply to @PeaceSignMoose: Thanks for pointing that out guys. Perkins does make it four.

  • Lee in Oregon

    What, Staeve Franci isn’t available?
    Sad thats it’s come to this….(waiting on Matt Barnes & sniffing guys like McGrady, Morrison, and Kwane). I jokingly said the other day that ‘we’ll be lucky to get Quisy back”….well now I’m not joking.

  • greenbeand

    danny needs a vacation

  • Dee

    reconstruct Garnett contract to sign T-Mac. The guy is not Finley, and A overall type Grant Hill but much more dominate. This is a huge risk or eastern champions repeat easily. If celtic sign these guy, they will sure be the favorite to come out of the east.

  • aaron

    last time i checked TMac was an ALL NBA in 2007. that was three seasons ago. same season as Garnett…
    I am just saying that TMac got ABANDONED in Houston and NY didnt get him a fair shot. Take a flyer on the guy. People compare him to Steve Franchis and previously Stephon Marbury…. NOT even close.
    mark my words. he could have an Alonzo Mourning like (when the heat won) impact on the team

  • C

    Hello? Rashard McCants anyone? Defensive stopper. Shooter. Hes no Tony Allen on defensive. but he also aint no tony allen on OFFENSE.

  • DR. NO

    Nobody wants to play for the celtics now. they don’t want to pay anybody. there are five teams that players want to play for, is the nets, knicks, bulls, miami, & comes down to tracy. this would be a very desperate move for the celtics. the guy is all washed up. he hasn’t play a full season for the past five years, his injury prune. he has no heart. he’s a very lazy player. why waste the money on tracy. i would rather resign marquiz daniel. i hope this don’t happen. i think this is just another rumor out there. danny ainge is not that stupid as a GM, to make that mistake.

  • tai

    i like the move but i like rudy fernandez alot more and but him and nate and o’neal and davis aswell don’t forget about the shrek and donkey duo could be eletric nate,tracy,harongody,davis and oneal maybe not a starting 5 on a team but a pretty good second unit to go toi hope sheed stays and we can get a barnes character thy will compliment us with sum steel to the second unit harongody the new scal in my eyesa better strong more athletic version i think avery will be the better player but harongody will have a better first season(though avery has stated he wants to be rookie of the yr and he is lauded for his defense) we need a defensive perimeter guy tony was our guy but he is unpredictable right c for life my foot tony

  • oj

    tmac is a great fit for beantown and beantown a great fit for tmac… rivers, 2 the big 3, 3 he will past the first round, 4 he is in better shape than 5 months ago……6 he is only 31……grant hill is 37….he is alot to give especially when healthy, this can be larger than that miami party… sense of the boston bench will be the best bench in the league and literally a starting line up……