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Your Morning Dump… Where Matt Barnes wants to get paid

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Aaron Goodwin, who also represents Barnes, said via text that the Celtics
are still in the hunt, but “quite a few” other teams are also standing
in line.

The problem, according to a league source, is that the Celtics, like
Miami, only have a veteran’s minimum slot of approximately $1.6 million
available. Though the Celtics and Heat – teams that are placing a
premium on winning over dollars with these luxury minimum opportunities –
were thought to be at the top of the former Magic swingman’s list. That
seems to have changed.

Barnes now realizes there are still teams out there with surplus cash
to offer.

“Wants $. He’s looking for more than minimum agent says,” the source
said via text.

Boston Herald

If Barnes is seeking bigger dollars, and Josh Howard (more than likely) already out of the Celtics price range, we better get familiar with guys like Rasual Butler and Antoine Wright.

I remain baffled by the lack of rumors surrounding Rasheed Wallace's "retiring" contract. Are the Celtics dangling this $6 million package in front of other teams? Maybe it doesn't have as much value.

On Page 2, Pat Riley's plan to lure Doc Rivers to Miami.

Nevertheless, the pressure on Spoelstra to win a championship in 2011
promises to be immense. To keep his job, he’ll probably have to win it
all, especially because Riley has his eye on Doc Rivers to someday coach
the Heat. Rivers has one year left on his Celtics contract, and has
been heavily affected by the distance between him and his family still
living Orlando.

Yahoo!  – Inside Look at Lebron's free agent coup

It hurts me to say this, but a move to Miami makes all the sense in the world for Doc Rivers.

As for Wojnarowski's story, it's a must read. I never knew Lebron had such a diva reputation.

The rest of the links:

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  • Antoinew8

    As far as the filling out the roster thing goes, Paul Pierce and the fans need to relax a little. Sure Rasheeds expiring contract isn’t drawing a lot of attention because no one needs cap space next season if there isn’t going to be a next season. But there’s still plenty of good players out there that will fall to veteran contract level, and plenty of time to sign them. Just remember back to ’08 when people thought that the celtics bench wasn’t up to snuff. They were wrong, weren’t they?
    Role Guys like Leon Powe, and a rookie in Glen Davis stepped up. The same thing could happen this year.
    So let’s look at what we have as of today. Right now the C’s bench looks like this:
    C – Kendrick Perkins(when healthy) or jermaine oneal.
    F – Glen Davis
    F – Luke Harengody
    G – Nate Robinson
    G – Avery Bradley
    Glenn is always solid. Harangody has shown he can play alright, Bradley could be the steal of the draft, and if nate plays like he did in the finals he can be a solid contributer off the bench. THrow in either Perk or Oneal coming off the bench come playoff time and that’s a solid group.
    But still, look for the c’s to add a few more veteran guys, like say Josh Howard(who the celtics biggest rival in signing him, the bulls, won’t sign because of the Korver and Brewer signings) Maybe Rasul Butler, a great James Posey like player, Larry Hughes could be a good scorer off the bench, jannero Pergo, Kwame Brown, Earl Watson, Craig Smith, Jerry Stackhouse, Kurt Thomas, Damien Wilkins, Bobby Simmons, Josh Boone, Eddie House, Etan Thomas, Keith Bogans, Antoine Wright, Fabrico Oberto. All of those latter guys will likely sign veteran minimum contracts, and all would be good additions.
    So look for Danny to sign a few of the above mentioned guys and we’ll have a bench looking more like this by next year:
    C – Perkins/Oneal
    F – Glenn Davis
    F – Damien Wilkins
    G – Josh Howard
    G – Nate Robinson
    G – Avery Bradley
    C – Josh Boone
    F – Luke Harangody
    And if Rasheed’s contract gets dealt for Richard Jefferson, or Barbosa, or Any of the other guys mentioned, the bench will be even better.
    so, Relax!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Larry Hughes? Is he even still in the league? Barborosa is already moved.
    Toine, I like the enthusiasm but get real. Harangody proved nothing. That was summer league, the watered down one, for that matter. They need some real players and there’s damn few left. Almost all the guys u mentioned either suck or arent available. Love Pargo though, is he a free agent?
    Keep yapping Paul.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Did we give up hope completely on Marquis? I still like him better than most of those guys Antoine named.

  • DiP

    matt barnes is a cock sucker. They should have went the extra mile for brewer.

  • Number 18 2011

    WE need Barnes! He is a gritty defender, great rebounder for his position and can play the 3 or 4 spots. He can get hot from three also. He is a Posey type player

  • For the hundred time and I hope we drop the Barnes to Boston discussion: Barnes wants money over the veteran minimum. HE WILL NOT PLAY FOR A DISCOUNT, OTHERWISE HE WOULD STAY IN ORLANDO. In addition, Barnes has a bad back. I think he is overrated.

  • Banner 18

    Daniels is soft and always “injured.” He must be a nice guy because his teamates love him.But he is completely useless because he’s never available when you need him. I’ll throw up, if they bring him back.

  • Corbs

    We should look at Rashad McCants. Surrounding him with a veteran core could be what he needs. Great shooter. A true 2 Guard and im sure with KG barking at him he could play some solid D.