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Brad Miller is going to Houston


Veteran center Brad
has agreed to a three-year contract worth nearly $15
million with the Houston Rockets,
according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

The third year of the contract is partially guaranteed, sources said.

Atlanta, Boston, Miami and Cleveland are among the teams that have
courted Miller since free agency began July 1, with Chicago also
expressing interest in re-signing him.

The Rockets have landed Brad Miller for an annual amount less than the MLE ($5.8 million). The Celtics needed the full MLE to secure Jermaine O'Neal.

My question to you: Would you rather have Brad Miller and some spare change ($1 million) or Jermaine O'Neal?

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Brad Miller. In his prime, ONeal was a stud but that was about 5 years ago. Miller will play more games and with a bit more fire.
    At this point, I’d take Sheed over either of them.

  • Shawncvd

    I’d take JO. Younger and the deal is for two years. Bigger story to me is Houston is now DEEP into luxury tax territory. 8-9 million deep. There is a little more hope that the Rockets will want to move Battier tosave some $.

  • Good point. Any interest in Ariza if they shop him?

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    O’Neal. I simply think he’s a better basketball player, and is better in the long run.

  • Alex

    JO no question. I get the Miller’s a great passer and has a good midrange game, but we weren’t in the market for a 5 for offense. REBOUNDING was definitely top priority, and JO is in another league when it comes to being a true center.

  • Number 18 2011

    Jermaine Oneal definately. Brad Miller is old and stiff. Not a good defender or rebounder. JO is better now and will has always been better

  • jr


  • Shawncvd

    Here’s the thing about Ariza: he’d be great as a role player for two years but then if asked to be a bigger contributer after 2012 I’d be nervous about that. If memory serves me he’s got four years so Tinge would need to weigh if Ariza is worth that many years.

  • Shawncvd

    Stoopid auto correct Ainge not Tinge…

  • Antoinew8

    I would much rather have Oneal. he can at least always give you good defense. Miller can’t guard his reflection in a mirror

  • james

    o’neal is tonnes better, and taking miller for any more than a year (especially considering his rapid deterioration this year) is madness

  • KG

    Jermaine is the better pick…he’s more athletic than Miller and given enough playing time he could be big contributor to the Celtics…he could even replace Perkins as a starter if he does really well while perk is out.
    if he improves his conditioning and explosveness…he could be really a great addition
    Go Celts!

  • greenbeand

    billy walker and his 850k contract would look good in green this year

  • nick

    I’de be more interested in Chase Budinger than Ariza due to Chase’s age, shooting ability, and contract BUTTTT, I’de gladly take Ariza or Battier as well. the Bottom Line is this, Houston needs to be pillaged for a wing to back up PP and Ray, I’m still the only Celtic fan in the world to suggest this idea..but I’de really like to sign Joey and Stephen Graham as a package deal. They are both strong peremiter defenders who love to battle. They are O.K shooters also. But as 4 the main question, its not even debatable Jermaine O’NEAL is a milllllion times better than miller. Its really a joke that a team gave Miller a 3 year deal