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Your Morning Dump… Rudy Fernandez is back in the mix


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Rudy Fernandez' list
of teams isn't four but cinco: Knicks, Nets, Bulls, Celtics and that
awful team in South Florida featuring LeCon

According to a Blazers source, the club is looking to get draft picks in
return for Fernandez, who no longer wants to serve as Brandon
's backup.

Frank Isola/Twitter & New York Daily News

We might be able to cross Chicago off that list – KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune says a trade with the Bulls is a long shot possibility.

Here's Rudy Fernandez' contract situation – $1.2 million in 10/11 with a
$2.1 million team option for 11/12.

What would the 6-6 Fernandez bring to the Celtics? Here's John Hollinger's scouting report:

A rail-thin guard with tremendous leaping ability, Fernandez rarely
makes use of his hops because he struggles to get to the rim off the
dribble. Fernandez is very good at cutting along the baseline for

Fernandez is outstanding moving without the ball in general, reminiscent
of a Reggie Miller or Richard
, and he draws a lot of fouls this way. Off the catch, he
primarily looks to shoot immediately. He'll pass and cut if the shot
isn't there, but every so often he'll get a wild hair and try a daring,
creative and impossible pass that either ends up in Row 17 or starts a
3-on-1 the other way. 

Defensively, Fernandez's lack of strength means the Blazers have to
monitor his matchups carefully. He often guarded the opponent's point
guard… Fernandez does fine as long as he covers quick guys
or non-scorers, but big wings steamroll him.

Rudy clearly isn't the wing-defender the Celtics desperately need. And… with Avery Bradley in the mix, is there room for Rudy and Nate Robinson?

On Page 2, the latest on Nate Rob's contract negotiations.

The Celtics continue to negotiate with Nate Robinson over a new
contract, though talks appear to have shifted into lower gear.

The guard, according to agent Aaron Goodwin, has made some
concessions, and is now waiting for some movement on the part of the
Celtics. Goodwin wouldn’t specify the terms currently under dispute.

“I feel like Nate has given them some options, and a concession has
been made,” said Goodwin, who on Monday said negotiations had a chance
to be resolved by the end of the week. “Now it’s up to them.”

Boston Herald

Okay Danny, what you gonna do? We are getting antsy.

Matt Barnes said he will announce his decision today, so we'll keep you posted on that.

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  • Danno

    I don’t really like this guy, but we’re running out of options.
    Also – why hasn’t this site mentioned the story about Delonte West secretly banging Lebron’s Mom being a huge part of his motivation for leaving Cleveland and giving up in the playoffs.
    Is there some kind of unspoken media “Don’t ask Don’t tell” abotu this story? Because it really did happen.

  • Delonte West will always own Lebron. ha ha ha
    Lebron should start calling him Daddy West.

  • Cliff Kensington

    Why does anyone want this guy? He’s a poor man’s version of Eddie House. He may be taller and more athletic but that doesn’t mean anything if he doesn’t use it. And on top of that, he has an ego and immaturity that makes him whine if he isn’t treated like a superstar. He is a horrible fit in just about every imaginable way.

  • KM

    Just read the story on McCants on ESPN. Why not bring him in for a tryout? Him and KG are supposedly very tight and maybe he’ll keep him in line. He’s got some on-court anger issues but its low risk. He just leave the Cavs summer league team so he’s out there and the pickings are getting slim.

  • Because its a wildly unsubstantiated rumor.
    And how are you so sure it’s true?

  • Lee in Oregon

    I like the guy. He’d be a nice 3rd guard, although as stated above, he cant guard the parking lot.

  • realfacts

    We are going to get this guy. lets not get our hopes up.

  • Lakerhater

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo Danny, this guy is a euro trash one trick pony. He will give himself a concussion from flopping before the all star break.

  • patrick stone

    If Delonte and Lebrons mom have a child will they name him Lelonte,Debron, or Lebronte?

  • keffers

    Rudy is a great player stuck in a bad system. No offense to Portland, it’s a great team and organization, but one that didn’t take advantage of things that Rudy could do, things that Rudy knew he could do. Look at his FGA/3PA ratio over the last two years. Look at how he played in Europe before coming over. They used him poorly. He can turn it around here.