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Ronnie Brewer turns down Celtics

Swingman Ronnie Brewer has signed a 3 year, $12.5 million deal with the Chicago Bulls.

According to Marc Spears:

Ronnie Brewer tells Y! Sports he turned down
Boston offer to sign 3-year, $12.5 million deal with Bulls. Big pro for
CHI was chance to start

"I got an opportunity
to start (in Chi). Both (Chi and Bos) are storied programs. It came
down to where I could excel more," Brewer told Y!.

Brewer says Celtics
offered similar $, but starting & re-joining Utah teammates Boozer,
Korver were main draw. Utah never made strong run.

Brewer said the luxury tax hampered
the Celtics as they tried to acquire
him in a sign-and-trade from the Memphis Grizzlies for Tony Allen.
Allen had previously decided to sign with the Grizzlies, in a similar
deal financially.

I can't blame the guy for wanting to start, but we'll see how important that is come May when the Celtics have eliminated the Bulls from the playoffs… again.

Yes, the Bulls have added some good pieces, but they are quickly becoming over-hyped.

As for Matt Barnes:

Couple new teams just jumped n2 the game, so I'm sorry 2 say ima have 2 get back 2 you. Ill let yall know something with in the nxt few days

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  • larry

    what does it say about the nba, when a player like matt barnes is highly coveted.?

  • DiP

    I wonder if the The celtics had offed 4 yrs at 4 mil with the chance to start in two years if he would have come here.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Barnes is waiting so he can time his decision with our man Nick’s 21st birthday.
    At this rate, we’ll be lucky to get Quisy back.

  • Lee in Oregon

    ps….I disagree btw, the Bulls aren’t overhyped, they’ve made smart moves and will definitly be a tough out next year.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The times are a changing. The Celtics aren’t the place players want to be anymore considering there are so many Qs about old age and many other viable options out there as far as contenders. It’s gonna be hard attracting any decent players here at this point. Whose really left? Barnes? I guess we’ll have to wait and see when the summer is over how this team has shaped up

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah and overhyped? Bulls are legit. One team we really don’t match up well with. Rose has shown as of late he is probably the only PG in the league that can truly dominate Rondo. Noah dominates our Center and now with Boozer in the mix they are a strong team. Don’t sleep on them.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Good. I never liked that ugly bastard anyways.

  • nick

    Completely agree, they have almost everything u need to compete 4 a title. good D, great PG good frontline…Deng, Boozer, Noah. Good bench..Brewer Taj Gibson and money left to play with. I don’t know where exactly they rank right now, but i cannot clearly say us Orlando or Miami look much better than them on paper.

  • JD

    You’re throwing around the word “dominate” way too easily. Rose had one dominating game against Rondo, a meaningless game at the end of this past season. Other than that, Rondo has outplayed Rose overall in their head to head matchups over these past two years. Noah has not dominated Perk by any stretch either.
    But I agree, with Boozer and others now in the mix they are a very, very good team.

  • KY Celts fan

    They’ll be another Atlanta. Good regular season team that wilts in the playoffs.