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Report: Nate Robinson resigns with Celtics

Via Marc Spears:

Nate Robinson will
re-sign with Celtics, a league source told Y! Sports.

More info coming

It's a two-year deal worth approximately $4 million per
season, reports the Herald.

The Globe's Gary Washburn adds this:

There was one sticking point about Robinson's contract. He was
guaranteed a $1 million bonus if he played in 58 regular season games
and needed 28 appearances with the Celtics to reach that mark. He made
26 appearances and Robinson's representatives wondered whether the
Celtics purposely held Robinson out of two late-season games to prevent
him from earning the bonus.

The Celtics added a second year to the contract as a concession for
Robinson, who averaged 6.5 points and shot 40 percent from the field
during the regular season.

For those wondering how the Celtics can afford to pay Nate $4 million, Chris Forsberg has the answer:

non-Bird Rights (which, ironically, are a form of
Bird Rights). they could have signed him at up to 120 percent of his
09-10 value

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  • nick

    Whoopty Doo…now lets package him and trade him 4 some size!!

  • Danno

    This is great news.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Welcome back Donkey…

  • realfacts

    Its about got damn time danny resign nate. it was taking too long.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Another 2 year deal…. Gonna have some real cap space in two years

  • Scott

    Do we have to trade Sheed to make this work? I thought we could only give out veteran minimum contracts until we traded him…

  • Interesting… In two years this team is going to implode.

  • finn

    Don’t have to give minimum deals to players who we’re resigning, only to players coming from other teams via free agency.

  • I asked Chris Forsberg. His response:
    non-Bird Rights (which, ironically, are a form of Bird Rights). they could have signed him at up to 120 percent of his 09-10 value

  • Lee in Oregon

    ok, the midget is back. Now will DA please wake up and get someone that actually IMPROVES the team?

  • mollysdaddy

    So far this summer we’ve resigned Pierce, Allen and Nate, picked up O’Neal (O’Neil? I get confused) and did as decent a job possible with our draft picks. Pierce and KG should start the season at 100%, Ainge has even talked about how excited he is to see KG next year. Ray will be back to form now that his thigh injury has healed. Rondo should be as good and hopefully better as he keeps emerging. Doc is back which tells me he believes this team can make a run. BBD hit his form again last year. The only permanent loss of value seems to be TA. I’d say looking at the entire season to come this team IS improved already. Yes I know we are going to miss Perk and our regular season record will take a little hit, but assuming he recovers as he should, there is no reason he can’t jump right back in. He already knows the defense. He’ll be mobile for the last month of his time off so he should be able to walk-through sets in practice. If he doesn’t heal as expected, then it really doesn’t matter who Ainge picks up, we won’t be better in the post season.
    ramble, ramble, blah blah…sorry for the run ons


    HAaters – we’ll see a more useful Nate this season – Doc has confidence in him after the playoffs. I know I do….Sure he’s short – so what. As a focused player who is learning fast I think that’s a steal…

  • Kap

    A lot has been said about the roster… what’s your take on Tom Thibodeau’s departure? I’m a bit concerned that the C’s might lose a bit of their swagger in terms of defense. Lawrence Frank is a good coach, but I think Thibs is the best defensive coach out there.

  • Shawn-cvd

    The Celtics are strapped for cash. The Celts had only exceptions to bring in players out right…Which meant
    Veteran Minimums (unlimited)
    MLE (used for JO-great pick up and for only 2yrs)
    DA also has exemptions to sign our existing players which he’s done well (RA and Nate for 2 years)
    To pay for a quality player will be via trade only so we will need help from a willing (and hopefully desperate) suitor. DA will maximize Sheed’s retiring contract. To do that Ainge needs to be the patient one.
    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Daniels signed for 1-2 years before Sheed’s contract is moved…