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Your Morning Dump… Danny Ainge’s state of the Celtics

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Here is Danny Ainge's take on the Celtics off-season (courtesy ESPN Boston):

On what didn't work out with attempting to re-sign Allen

"The Tony Allen situation, it's difficult," said Ainge. "He went a
different direction. Our options No. 2, 3, 4, and 5, we're ready to do.
Who knows, sometimes things turn out better than your initial plan."

"Things did work out for Tony, we had a good six years with Tony.
No, I think you'd have to ask Tony that. We wanted Tony back and we
tried to get him. It wasn't a financial decision."

According to media reports, the Celtics were not willing to give TA three guaranteed years. That sure seems like a financial decision to me. I'm willing to bet Tony 'clears the air' when he meets with the media in Memphis.

On potential to re-sign guard Nate

"Nate's a guy we're talking with, along with a slew of other free
agents as well… I'm not sure there's progress. I think I know where he
stands and I think he knows where we stand. The conversations
continue… These kind of things can happen in an hour, or they can take
a bunch of days. I'm not sure [what sort of timetable there is]."

I'm really hoping the Celtics resign this guy. This team needs his energy and scoring ability off the bench. His defense is good enough.

On the team's remaining needs
"I think we could use another big guy, although we like [rookie
center] Semih [Erden], he's kind of an unproven player. We could use
help at backup point [guard], although we like [rookie guard] Avery
[Bradley]. He's another unproven player. And we need some backup
wings… I'm not sure one's more of a priority than another. It matters
what players fall to us." 

On if swingman Josh
is among the names being pursued by Boston

"I'd rather not get into the people who we are pursuing, there's a
long list of them, but he's on that list."

Yes, there are a ton of holes to fill, but we need to be patient. Ainge said he (and other GMs) are waiting on the J.J. Redick (offer sheet Chicago) and Wes Matthews (offer sheet Portland) situations to play out. The dominoes will eventually fall (Upon publishing this post, I just learned Matthews has signed with Portland).

On Page 2, Glen Davis talks about the future.

“A team that we have been playing with for a while and now we’re back
again and have another chance to go play for a title,’’ Davis said while
watching a Las Vegas Summer League Game. “I’m ready. Everybody, they
know what’s going on now and how serious it is. And the new teams that
are in the [running] now and what we have to do to make sure we get back
there. Miami is another team that’s going to be in our way, and we’ve
got to handle our business and do what we’ve got to do.’’

“I am working on everything, making sure that I come ready,’’ Davis
said. “With Rasheed retiring, I have to make sure that I deliver. I’ve
been working hard and I have to make sure I have to fill his role.’’

Globe – Davis feels good about future

We're also hoping you're ready, Glen. No more off-season hiccups, please? Another thing to keep in mind – Davis is a free agent (unrestricted, I believe) after this season.

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  • thetitleisours

    Get the feeling we will be waiting for awhile before anything happens

  • Lee in Oregon

    Sounds like Danny is talking sideways. If he wanted TA back, he’s be there. That was a cheap deal.
    If Doc knew he was gonna have to count on Erden & Bradley to contribute this year, he woulda stayed home.

  • patrick stone

    please do not bring Scalabrine back,please Jermaine do not talk Wallace out of retirement