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Cedric Maxwell On Adam Morrison

With the unsettling rumors floating around the internet ether regarding Adam Morrison and the Celtics, one must begin to wonder: What do the C’s possibly see in him?  How good could he possibly be?  Would he be more than a practice dummy if he signed here?  Is this below the rock bottom point that we all thought was established with the Kwame Brown rumors?

All of these are legit questions.  Basically though, the Celtics are mainly relegated to using the veteran’s minimum exceptions to sign free agents (trading Sheed’s contract is an entirely different and convoluted mess).  So who better to explain the Celtics’ interest than Cedric Maxwell himself.  Watch the clip below as it’s always worth listening to what Max has to say:

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  • lolcats

    lol whats with the hate on morrison? hes not as bad as half the half the players in the NBA are. He just has socializing issues which don’t allow him any time to play sufficient minutes

  • Shawn-cvd

    Part two of my obsession matching Nick’s-for-Barnes RE Battier. Today not only did the Rockets match Lowry’s offer (5 years,25 mil) they re-signed Scola to a fair-given-this-market-yet-sizable 5 year $47 mil extension. The Rockets are now $74.5+ MILLION meaning their owner will have to cough up over $4.5 million in luxury taxes this upcoming season. Let’s have a quick look at the make up of this team…
    C. Yao Ming (7’6)
    PF. Luis Scola (6’9)
    SF. Trevor Ariza (6-8)
    SG. Kevin Martin (6’7)
    PG. Aaron Brooks (6’0)
    C. David Andersen (6’11)
    PF. Patrick Patterson (6-9)
    PF. Chuck Hayes (6-6)
    PF. Jordan Hill (6-10)
    SF. Shane Battier (6-8)
    SF. Jared Jeffries (6-11)
    SF. Chase Budinger (6-7)
    SF. Mike Harris (6-6)
    SF. Alexander Johnson (6-9)
    SG. Jermaine Taylor (6’4)
    Count them Red’s Army 6 (six) Small Forwards (mind you in Rockets system a SF will play at SG or PF as needed)!!! More good news is that Chase Budinger has been absolutely tearing up the Summer League. As great as Battier is I got a hunch he is their only chip to move in a cost saving effort. It makes even more sense should you consider that the Rockets would not only be saving on Battier but would be able to speed up Budinger’s development.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Crazy as it sounds the stars may be aligning for us to get Battier. Then Truth will start liking the bench!

  • Battier off the bench would be awesome. Unleash him against the Kobe’s and Lebron’s of this league.