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Rajon Rondo 2-on-2 Basketball Tournament: Play by his Rules

The fine folks over at Red Bull have announced a “Rajon Rondo 2-on-2 Basketball Tournament.”  It’s a 32-team tournament held in various cities, including Boston.  The winner takes home the grand prize of $2,000.  There’s one caveat: you play by Rondo’ rules.  The breakdown goes as follows:

  • 2 points for a made basket
  • 3 points for blocking a dunk or pinning a shot against the backboard
  • 3 points for stripping the ball
  • 3 points for making a defender fall
  • 3 points for dunking on an opponent

Interestingly enough, there are zero points for a made free throw or an assist, and no three-pointers.  You would think a game played by Rondo’s Rules would include assists somehow, but the lack of free throws and threes are a smart move.  I don’t recall too many times he’s “pinned attempted dunks against the backboard,” although he has had it done TO him so there’s that.

You have to love the points for “making a defender fall.”  It’s a bit reminiscent of the old Nintendo game “Arch Rivals.”  I’m willing to bet that rule gets misinterpreted just a little bit.  Things could turn into a game that represents the late 90’s Pistons vs. the mid-90’s Knicks.  But why stop there?  Since it’s 2-on-2, he should make it NBA JAM style and give 10 points for a half-court dunk, 20 for a shattered backboard, and automatically set the nets on fire when a player makes three consecutive baskets.


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  • Scott

    These rules are fairly limiting as to who can play in the tournament. I don’t know too many people that can dunk or pin the ball against the backboard.

  • rondo-is-love

    Is Rondo actually going to be there?

  • just4rondo

    i like the rules …its pushing players to their highest level of skill…. &&for 2grand psshhhh ill sure as heck learn how to pin a shot to the back board(: