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Your Morning Dump… Where the secondary market will be opening up soon

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According to multiple league sources, the Cavs signed restricted
free-agent point guard Kyle Lowry to an offer sheet Tuesday night. His
current team, the Houston Rockets, will have seven days to match the
deal from when they receive the paperwork, which likely will be today.

The offer is for three years with a fourth-year team option that
could make the contract worth up to $24 million. The Cavs are using a
portion of their midlevel exception to sign Lowry. The Rockets have said
they intend to match reasonable contract offers for Lowry. Cavs sign Lowry to offer sheet

The idea for this post came from Red's Army reader Shawn-cvd who said:

will force the Rockets to inch ever-closer to the luxury tax line. Now
you got yourself a trading partner for Sheed. And Rockets have two wing
players I'd love the C's to get…Trevor Ariza or (pencil us in for the
finals with…) Shane Battier!

If restricted agents continue to get targeted Ainge will find a
motivated suitor for sure!

And that's an excellent point.  We haven't had a ton of RFA's get targeted.  It will force teams to make decisions about keeping one guy who was cheap (Lowry, for example, makes $2.9 mil right now) but is suddenly making more than you'd hoped. 

So do the Rockets match Lowry?  Maybe.  Does that mean Ariza or Battier would become available?  Not necessarily, but we'll see.  But the point Shawn-cvd makes is a good one:  Teams are going to get close to the luxury tax.  They've spent their mid-level on guys in the past and they might be willing to part with one of them for some cap flexibility.  As teams start to spend their MLE's this year to target RFA's, guys are going to become available… and they'll be names we probably haven't heard yet.

Remember: Free agency only began 2 weeks ago.  The interminable stupidity of LeBonocalypse has made this offseason feel months, rather than weeks long.  But really it's only beginning.  Good GM's (read: guys not named David Kahn) know there's time to make moves.  Things are going to happen.

This is the time where the teams that will contend will start to fill out their rosters… and we'll all look at each other and go "ooooohhhhhhh… THAT'S why this team is good, because of moves like this."  Let's hope Danny's got one of those moves up his sleeve.

On Page 2, Doc gets some family time in

Austin Rivers' decision on where to go to college is starting to sound a lot like Doc's decision on whether to coach again.  He doesn't knowit's gonna take timehe needs to think about it… It's kinda funny.  Like Father, like Son.

He'd better make a decision soon, though.  People are starting to read into his t-shirt choices.  

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  • james

    ariza wouldnt be available he’s one of their near franchise players. i’d love for us to get battier, he would give lebron wade and kobe fits in the playoffs. basically an upgrade for tony allen. dont see it happening though.

  • Big Z to the Heat and maybe Mike Miller that team is starting to shape up. I’m not scared yet Z gives Perk fits we were lucky mike brown was to dumb to realize that. what are these guys going to sign for Pez?

  • Battier would be a dream swing man ala Posey. Keep your fingers crossed.
    However, with Yao returning I do not think they will part with Battier.

  • Thanks for the link-up guys.

  • thetitleisours

    Just hope some of these names being mentioned like AM are just smoke and mirrors

  • G4L

    The Guy I would like on the C’s is Raja Bell. He’s a tough defender that hates Kobe… natural fit!

  • Number 18 2011

    There are so many scenarios. People we could trade for include James Posey, Trevor Ariza and Shane Battier. People we could sign and trade for include Al Harrington, Matt Barnes, Raja Bell, Josh Howard etc. I think it would be cool if we could get a team to sign Barnes and Bell then trade them to us for Sheeds contract of 6.3 million and we might give them a draft pick for doing it also. that would make our bench unstoppable! Barnes and Bell could split the 6.3 mil. that would be my dream scenario.

  • aaron

    someone else likes matt barnes besides Nick! I love it!

  • evan

    Nuggets sign Shelden Williams:
    Can’t say I’m too upset about that one…guy could not finish a dunk or layup

  • JD

    Yeah, I don’t think we could get Ariza, I’d love too, but its probably not happening. It’d be nice to give Rondo a young running partner though now that TA is gone. Battier will be a good addition, but the guy has been around forever and he isn’t getting any younger. How old can this team get?

  • The Magic signed Q richardson today. I think that is a good pickup for them. they have not decided about Barnes and Reddick yet. Me thinks there is quality help out there for the C’s.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Woo Hoo I made the Morning Dump!
    Battier would be a dream acquisition guys. Highly unlikely but more likely now than before Lowry was extended an offer.
    Hopefully the stars align with some team so the C’s upgrade from TA dramatically. I got a feeling Ainge may bring Daniels back into fold and wait and see with Sheed.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Battier’s contract is for one year only. Wish it was for two b/c Rockets would be more motivated to pay him and that length would fit perfectly into DA’s master plan…

  • thetitleisours
  • thetitleisours

    Davis, who spent three seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers and played two games with the Wizards last season, had a strong effort in the Orlando session, averaging Paul Davis had 14.8 points and 6.2 rebounds in five games. He scored in double figures in four games, and scored 24 in an 80-77 win over Charlotte on Friday.
    At the end of the week, he was named honorable mention on the All-Summer League team. Public relations executives from the eight participating teams and representatives from selected the team.