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Jermaine O’Neal’s secret ankle injury

Jermaine O'Neal, the Celtics new (temporary) starting center, met today with the media. Among the topics discussed, an ankle injury he suffered late in the season:

O'Neal said he got kicked in the left ankle with three games left in
the regular season but played in the playoffs despite being injured.

me, when you suit up and you go out there, you're telling your team and
your followers that you're ready to play," he said. "Whatever excuses
you have should be kept in the locker room. So I chose not to talk about
it, because it didn't really matter. I still felt like I could go out
there and help the team, and unfortunately, I couldn't do it."

said the sprained ankle showed up during O'Neal's physical on

"He had a little bit of a sprain and that showed up in
the testing," Ainge said. "We checked him out thoroughly. We're not
concerned about him, except in the way we're concerned about any

O'Neal also had a chance to resign with the Heat, but decided Boston – thanks to some kinds words from Rasheed Wallace – was a better fit.

"I knew what [the Heat] were trying to do, and I could have re-signed
back with those guys," he said Wednesday after passing his physical with
the Celtics. "But it comes down to fit. It comes down to personalities
and style of play, and I thought Boston has all that for me. It came
down to winning now, and not worrying about chemistry."

"[Wallace] had a lot of great things to say about the organization,"
O'Neal said. "That was kind of the selling point too — him coming in
and him actually being here for a year and understanding the situation,
the scenario, the chemistry.

"I shot him a text and I told him to
come back. He didn't respond."

The Celtics interior defense will suffer without Perkins. But I really like the dimension O'Neal brings on offense. He's got a smooth stroke and will be another option when Rajon Rondo penetrates into the lane and draws defenders.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    I posted earlier that I GUARANTEED that O’Neal “would miss at least 30 games” next year due to injury. Props to him for playing hurt in the playoffs, but what the hell is DA doing relying on a guy who is a wreck physically?
    It’s 2 months later and he still has the sprain? And his current back-up is…..Semeh Erdin?
    Outside of the draft, this off-season has done NOTHING to improve the team. I hope DA has a plan other than “Rondo’s jumpshot will come around.”

  • Shmulie

    I just feel like Perk is going to be a way bigger loss than expected. Well, maybe I should put it this way: KG needs to be 100% healthy and 100% fury on the defensive end. Ray is going to be one year slower on defensive rotations, Paul is going to be guarding the opposition’s best player almost every night, and as you’ve said about each other (signing) prospect and O’Neal…They may be slightly better improvements on the offensive end, but isn’t our defense going to be substantially worse? Not to mention the biggest loss of all…Thibs.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    JO with another excuse. He won’t admit it, but since his knee injury he is not even half the player he once was. Enjoy him Suckdics

  • Shawn-cvd

    The loss of Thibs CHANGES the make up of this team. JO is saying the right stuff so far and at 31 he is relatively young. So far as being damaged goods we need the whole team talking up soon to be waived Eric Dampier to take Vet Minimum to get some legitimate size.
    As for Sheed we need his contract to move and be bought out. Then get him back for the play offs… Front line would be Perk/JO/Dampier/Sheed/KG/Baby/Erden. That’s a deep line up even if Perk has a limited role this time around.

  • Tommy Legend

    WHAT he was hurt I am glad I was sitting when I heard that news this guy will make sheed look like pete rose he is always whining and blaming everyone but himself. I am beyond sickened that he is a celtic