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How about Ronnie Brewer?

Ronnie brewer

According to tweets by A. Sherrod Blakely and Chris Mannix… the Celtics are in the hunt for free aqent Ronnie Brewer.  Mannix says they're one of 6 teams in the hunt.

For the C's, it would have to be a sign and trade situation involving Sheed's deal since he's clearly not signing for the minimum.  I'm not really 100% sure how this will work considering all the cap mess involved… but the C's are clearly trying to work some magic here… and I'm not gonna shove my foot in my mouth again trying to figure out how it works cap wise.

For the record, I like Brewer.  Not the defender Tony is, but he's a better offensive player and he's an athletic piece that could fit into the post-Big 3, Rondo-led C's world.

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  • nick

    What a great pickup this guy would be. A bigger better version of T.A at both ends of the floor. Younger, more consistent. I would get this guy in a heartbeat if I could.

  • CelticBalla32

    He’s perfect. I’ve been a big Ronnie Brewer fan since I watched him play at Arkansas, and he would be a great fit here. Young, big, athletic, versatile, outstanding finisher, above average defender, and a guy that could really help us on both ends for a long time.
    I’m not sure how realistic it is, though. If Danny wouldn’t give TA the third year, he won’t give Brewer the 3-4 year deal he is seeking at an even higher price.

  • finn

    I like it. Don’t love it like I do the idea of the C’s get Josh Howard. but he’s a good pickup either way. Would fit into the C’s real well.

  • best rumored addition i’ve heard so far…

  • zippittyay

    josh howard is a slightly more skilled marquis daniels with a worse attitude…
    Ronnie Brewer, yes.

  • realfacts

    Why wouldn’t the celtics go after this kid way before guys like josh howard and adam morrison. they always have major injury problems. brewer is a very good young player. he would be a nice fit with the celtics. i hope we get him.

  • greenbeand

    defensively TA’s over rated. he had more contact while a shooter was in the act of shooting; esp with fall fakes, he couldn’t resist. the guy couldn’t dribble, shoot free throws, and was an all around liability.
    basically he sucked and was injury prone- time to move.

  • KY Celts fan

    Uh, hell yeah.

  • CelticBalla32

    I don’t want Josh Howard. We don’t need our starting center and 6th man coming off ACL injuries.

  • Derek

    It’s too bad we couldnt have done a S&T with TA for Ronnie Brewer otherwise i dont see how we have a way to pay him

  • Mauritz

    Not the defender Tony is? Brewer is among the premier on-the-ball defenders in the league. He is clearly better than Tony.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I like him Brewer too, he’s a slasher like Tony, but he doesnt have the defensive rep of TA. Seems like he’ll be more expensive too. Still wondering the real reason they didnt bring Tony back….compared to other deals I’m seeing, he was cheap. He may have been prone to stupid fouls in key moments in seasons past, but he was nails this year.
    If Jermaine is the one big signing of this offseason, I wont feel very good about next year. The East is improving and the C’s arent even standing pat yet.


    KG get on the phone and recruit!!!! Dude can finish too, someone doubles anyone on our team, or he gets some space he flushes it…

  • Shawn-cvd

    I think Sheed to a strapped team for Brewer at 4 million plus garbage.

  • Brewer would be a great pick-up. I wonder what the hell is going on with Quis. He’s doing a fundraising event w/Doc this weekend, so maybe we’ll find out more then.