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Your Morning Dump… Where Nate is close to resigning

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Aaron Goodwin, the agent for Nate Robinson, said yesterday the two
sides could reach a deal by the end of the week.

“Things are going well,” Goodwin said. “We’re just trying to get
something worked out. But both parties are talking.”

Unlike they had with Allen, the C’s don’t hold the so-called “Larry Bird
rights” to Robinson, and as a result, can’t go over the salary cap to
give their backup point guard more money.

Herald – Nate Robinson going green again

No comment from Nate this morning (via his Twitter), although he did say he was up early and unable to sleep. Maybe he's anxious with the new deal looming. How's that for ridiculous speculation?

As for other potential free-agents, Mark Murphy has this quote from a league executive:

“There’s nothing imminent – just a lot of investigation (for them),” the
league official said. “That’s what happens when you’re in minimum
contract mode.”

All the trade rumors surrounding Rasheed's retiring contract have dried up… and that concerns me. If Sheed is retiring, don't you think Danny Ainge would be dangling that contract in front of every GM?

On Page 2, the Commish chimes in on LeBron and his Decision.

“I think the advice that he received was poor,’’ Stern said of James.
“His performance was fine. His honesty and integrity shined though. But
this decision [show] was ill-conceived, badly produced, and poorly
executed. Those who were interested in it were given our opinion prior
to its airing.’’

Stern announced yesterday he fined
Gilbert $100,000, calling the owner’s statements “ill-advised and
imprudent.’’ The letter, in which he described James’s decision to leave
as “narcissistic’’ and “cowardly behavior’’ remains on the Cavaliers’
website. Gilbert later said he thought James quit on the Cavaliers
during their playoff loss to the Celtics.

“I think Dan Gilbert is a good owner,’’
Stern said. “And I think he was completely correct in expressing his
disappointment and determination to win. In fact, if he wants to
guarantee a championship, more power to him. But you could read the rest
of the statement and see where I think it was a little bit to the
extreme in his follow-on interview. It’s those two that caused me to
make the decision that I did.’’

Globe – Stern weighs in on James, fines Gilbert

You know you screwed up when David "My League Doesn't Stink" Stern piles on.

The rest of the links:

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  • patrick stone

    what happened to free speech?Czar Stern supresses any free speech.As the owner of Cleveland he has the right to speak out against Lequiter when he knew,the fans knew that he quit on his team.Of course Espn continues to support “LeEGO, Kobe Rothlisberger,and other big egos,but I am sick of Stern he has too much power and he needs to go.I’m sick of Stern,and Jesse Jackson that self promoting,race baiting,racist lunatic how he gets by with his moronic hateful statements every time.Lejerk made 42 million last year, Jesse I do not no any slave that made that much.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Well I like getting Nate back. I am just hoping that some team will jump at Sheed’s contract to free up some cap space. I just think the longer the agency period goes on the less attractive it gets because teams don’t need cap space as much now that free agency is drying up.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Not excited about the midget when they need a big. Does DA thinks ONeal & Erden are reliable replacements for Sheed & Perk? Jermaine is crippled, has been for years (for Christ sake, did you see him in the playoffs?)…..Erden is a Turkish all-star, which means he plays 20 minutes a night against guys that would be playing on their lunch hour over here in the US.
    The Defense is what got them into the finals last year. TA is gone, Sheed is gone, Thibs is gone, Perk is down till the all-star break.
    I’d be more excited about Sheldon Williams.
    ps….Stern is a lying prick. Fuck him and his opinions. When will that coniving asshole be put down or at least out to pasture?

  • pro8000

    sheed’s contract + big baby (or dare i say perk) for big al jefferson. get’er dunn!

  • river

    i think it should be “re-signing” instead of “resigning”. the hyphen makes all the difference.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Al just got shipped to Utah for the Boozer trade exception & 2 1st rounders.

  • Miami won’t even get to the finals..maybe 2nd round..but Bosh will hurt them, and watch for wade and lebron clash for the ball..I dunno what all the hype about LeBron is..sure he’s a great player, but he’s no Kobe or Wade, and after that there’s still other players I’d rather have on my team than LeBron because he just doesn’t have the “team” mindset
    He can say it all he wants, but in the next few breaths that come out of his mouth, it’s always a me 1st attitude with him..Lebron always gets in a win-win psoition..what we’ll see is those two wade and Lebron losing a lil because they won’t have that “all-the time” pressure theyre used to, and won’t be playing the same minutes theyre used to and it’ll change their game. But, on a good note..finally the Celtics and Magic have some competition in the East.
    And remember, the 3 Kings still need Jesus in the Manger for a true Wade Christmas..Merry Christmas Dwyane

  • How could they let Tony Allen go?? He was pretty much the best guard on Kobe in the whole league..he will be missed..a big hit to the Celts D there