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Ray Allen: James’ decision was big pain in the butt

Ray Allen held a media conference call today from Waltham. His thoughts on the Decision (courtesy Scott Souza):

Allen said the LeBron James saga, which ultimately saw him announce
he was “bringing his talents to South Beach” during an hour-long ESPN
spectacle last Thursday was the “biggest pain in the butt” of the
free-agent process because teams were in a holding pattern until the
fates of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh settled.

“Put me on the phone and give me 15 seconds to say where I’m going,”
he said of how he chose to handle his free agency.

Allen said he expects a “circus atmosphere” in Miami next year and
that the Heat will be just one contender for Boston’s thrown in an
Eastern Conference that was already better than most credited.

As for returning to Boston:

Family considerations weighed heavily on his choice to return. He
said he “wanted to make sure this was right for my family.” He and his
wife, Shannon, are very involved with the Joslin Diabetes Center – Ray
is on the hospital’s board of directors – he brings his son, Walker,
there for appointments every three months.

“We wanted to make sure he got the treatment that he needs,” Allen
said. “I am sure if we had gone someplace else they would have had great
hospitals and great doctors there too. But we didn’t want to uproot him
with a new home, new nurses.”

Glad to have you back Ray.

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  • D

    One of the classiest guys to put on the uniform. James would be lucky to have one ounce of Ray Allen in him.

  • Big Al

    I agree. Ray is one of the classiest players in the NBA.

  • Shawn-cvd

    This is big news here…
    “The Cavaliers have signed restricted free-agent Kyle Lowry to a four-year, $24 million offer sheet, according to a league source.
    Because of Lowry’s restricted status, the Rockets will have seven days to match Cleveland’s offer.”
    This will force the Rockets to inch ever-closer to the luxury tax line. Now you got yourself a trading partner for Sheed. And Rockets have two wing players I’d love the C’s to get…Trevor Ariza or (pencil us in for the finals with…) Shane Battier!
    If restricted agents continue to get targeted Ainge will find a motivated suitor for sure!

  • bizdady

    I like Shuttleworths comments. Anyways Laker fan here and I for one can’t wait till you guys play the Heat in the playoffs, once again I will rooting for the hated green in the hopes of another rematch.