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Mannix: Armeggedon (a lockout) is coming to the NBA

Is it me or are fans ignoring the prospect of a labor lockout after next season?

Chris Mannix paints a very ugly picture in his latest column:

And to say there are issues would be putting it lightly; the two
sides have already swapped proposals and, in the words of one NBA
source, "are miles apart."

"Basically where we are at is
that we would like fundamental changes," said Stern, "and the players
would very much like the present system to continue."

can't happen, Stern said. Not with his teams losing $370 million last
season and a national economy in the toilet. No, fixing the NBA's
problems will require a massive overhaul. The owners' proposal calls for
first-round picks to have their salaries cut by about one-third, would
reduce the minimum salary by as much as 20 percent, and would guarantee
contracts for only half their value. The total value of a maximum salary
would drop significantly, as would the number of years for which
players could sign. The players would also see a reduction in their
share of the basketball-related income, of which they currently receive
57 percent.

The union, which has been battered and beaten by Stern at nearly
every opportunity over the years, is digging in its heels. It's why many
around the league are bracing for a lockout.

expecting one," said a Western Conference executive.

going to happen," texted an Eastern Conference exec.

Forced to pick a side, I'd have to align with the owners. Even the dumb ones who are rubbing stamping absurd deals.

Has there been any talk of implementing a hard salary cap (a la the NFL and NHL)?

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  • thetitleisours

    Is that 370 Million what the owners personally lost or is it the reduction of profit revenue earned from the year before?

  • Since Sternsey got everything he wanted in the last collective bargaining agreement and they are still losing this money can we now officially say Stern is incompetent? And If the are losing money so bad why are they still subsidizing a basketball league nobody gives a wit about? for PC reasons I won’t mention the league just that it also has the letters NBA but also has a W.

  • Typo alert:
    “Even the dumb ones who are rubbing [rubber] stamping absurd deals.”
    What’s on your mind, eh?

  • mollysdaddy

    I don’t get NBA economics. The league lost $370M this past season, but what does that mean? If Cuban overspent on his team cuz he has money to blow, does that count as part of the $370? If an owner/GM wants to pay $20M a year for a player maybe the NBA needs to look into getting better owners. If rookie pay is bringing the league down, look out. Wouldn’t shorter contracts just create the market for more pay increases? How does player revenue sharing work? If Ray is making $10M next season salary, is he getting monthly checks for $50,000 based on revenue too? Seems like there is still a good product here, I don’t know what the league spends on advertising or marketing, but maybe they should rethink those areas too, perhaps they’ll get more butts in the seats and get more income rather less expenses.

  • jared

    While the nba may need some tweaking, theres no way in hell id side with the owners (bosses). NBA players may be rich, but the owners are absurdly, stupidly rich. Its literally impossible for me to side with guys like Gilbert and Sterling, not in a million years.

  • massappeal

    In the class struggle between millionaires and billionaires—I’ll side with the millionaires.

  • Uncle Leo

    It’s their net loss. Revenue actually went up, but most owners decided to spend more on marketing, promotions, etc. in order to sell seats since season ticket sales went down. It really comes down to most owners wanting a system in place that will safeguard against losing lots of money in almost any situation(player injury, down economy). There really is no way of knowing if those figures are correct though because the NBA prepared them and you can bet they are at least somewhat dissimilar from their IRS statements.

  • Uncle Leo

    The owners will win, again, because they have all the cards.
    What I really don’t get is saying this :
    And then saying you lose 400 million dollars.